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Breast Lifts in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation is the second most sought after cosmetic procedure, with an increase of 72% in breast lift procedures over 2011. While these growing numbers make the popularity clear, the price can often be prohibitive, and many people are finding that plastic surgery in Mexico is a low cost, easy solution. A breast lift procedure in Puerto Vallarta is a solution for anyone eager to improve their physical appearance without spending too much, while still receiving world-class care.

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

breast-2Medically known as a mastopexy, breast lift surgery is a popular cosmetic procedure ideal for anyone dissatisfied with the feel or shape of their breasts.The procedure involves redefining your figure by tightening the breast tissue, removing excess skin, and reshaping the breast.

Many women experience changes to their breasts over the course of their lives, either due to genetics, pregnancy, weight fluctuation, or age. The loss of shape and volume can be distressing, but by having breast lift surgery in Puerto Vallarta, you can have a figure you can be happy with.

Cosmetic surgeons in Mexico can help you with breast lift surgery in Puerto Vallarta if:

  • You are satisfied with the size of your breasts, but unhappy with their shape.
  • Your breasts lack firmness and volume
  • Your nipples point downwards when unsupported
  • The skin of your breast is stretched

Benefits of Getting Breast Lift in PVR

  • The cost of breast lifts in Puerto Vallarta is as low as 40% of the cost in the US. It’s possible to find free quotes online to plan your surgery.
  • Mexican hospitals provide world-class care and experienced plastic surgeons.
  • Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful resort city, meaning you can use the downtime after your surgery as a vacation.
  • Breast lift procedure in Puerto Vallarta can drastically improve your self-confidence by helping you attain your ideal figure, all while keeping within your budget.

Other Considerations:

  • You will need to ensure that you have the appropriate documentation in order to travel to Mexico.
  • While Mexico is a nearby destination to most people in the US, you will still need to take travel time into account.
  • Puerto Vallarta is a resort city in Mexico and you may come across doctors and nurses who are able to converse in English. However, majority of the population speaks Spanish.

Traveling to Puerto Vallarta for Plastic Surgery

  • dscn1399Puerto Vallarta is a very popular destination for both domestic and international tourists. For travelers this resort city is known as PVR. The local airport is officially called Lic. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport and an estimated 73% of tourists who fly in come from other countries.
  • The PVR airport houses direct flights from major US cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, and Seattle, as well as commercial and chartered flights from western Canadian cities. An average flight from Los Angeles, California to Puerto Vallarta takes around 2.5 hours.
  • Guadalajara, Mexico, also one of Mexico’s major medical tourism destinations, is around 3 hours away by road. Some tourists who visit Puerto Vallarta for aesthetic surgery also take some time to visit Guadalajara to see their famous historical buildings with beautiful architecture – some of which were built as early as the 15th century. It is also common to find medical tourists getting bariatric procedures like lap band, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta is a perfect example of a destination that can combine excellent medical care and a dream holiday. Getting cosmetic surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a medical trip worth taking, as it effectively combines quality healthcare for low prices while giving patients a beautiful holiday backdrop with amazing sights and friendly people.

Mexico Health facilitates affordable medical treatments at various quality hospitals in Mexico. For more information, please submit the estimate-request form on the right.

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