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Knee Replacement in Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

 From Only $10,000* Welcome to our comprehensive program on knee replacement in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! You’ll find valuable information on total knee arthroplasty and benefits that can be garnered from the surgery. The cost of knee replacement surgery in Puerto Vallarta is almost one-fourth of the cost as compared to Canada, the US and other […]

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Recovery Time Post Knee Surgery Care – Mexico Orthopedic Surgeon

This video shows a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Mexico discussing about post knee surgery care and recovery time involved.  Following is the video narration: “After the knee replacement the patient needs to do a very complete rehabilitation program because what we need to is for the patient to regain the movement as normal as it […]

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Post Operative Care – Hip Replacement Surgery, Orthopedic Surgeon, Mexico

This video shows a renowned orthopedic surgeon discussing about the post operative care after hip replacement surgery, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.   Following is the video narration: “In the post-operative period, no 1 is exercise. We need to have the patient moving around as soon as possible, starting to walk and bear weight as they tolerate and the […]

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Metallic Implants in Knee Replacement Surgery – Ciudad Juarez Orthopedic Surgeon

This video shows a renowned orthopedic surgeon discuss metallic implants used in knee replacement surgery, Ciudad Juarez.     Following is the video narration:  “Metallic Implants eliminate pain and provide joint motion, the conservative movement of the joint and we generally indicate this procedure on people that have advance joint wear. That’s generally on patients […]

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Post-surgery Facilities at Orthopedic Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

This video is about a leading surgeon  informing about the various post-surgery facilities available to the former patients at his clinic for orthopedic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. He is one of the top names in the field of orthopedics in Mexico, with an illustrious career spanning over three decades. Following is the video narration: “We […]

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Good Candidate for Hip Replacement – Tijuana Orthopedic Surgeon

Watch this video in which a highly experienced orthopedic surgeon in Tijuana talks about the candidature for partial and total hip replacement surgery. The surgeon is an International Member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons – AAOS and other prestigious organizations.   Video Narration: “…We can perform knee replacement in people around 40-35 years. Sometimes […]

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