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Face Lift Procedure in Tijuana, Mexico : Before and After Images

The video shows actual results after face lift procedure in Tijuana, Mexico. This is a curious case of plain Jane transforming into a centrefoldesque diva.

Incidentally, the client underwent a couple of cosmetic procedures in Mexico, notably, paranasal augmentation, cartilage graft, blepharoplasty, chin augmentation, and double chin removal. Despite getting a bunch of procedures, the client ended up paying, what can be comfortably called, peanuts when the cost of plastic surgery in Mexico and the US is compared. Perhaps, this is the reason why so many Americans and Canadians are bee lining to Mexico over the weekends to get a ‘week-end surgery’ in Mexico.

Mexican cities of Cancun and Tijuana offer another advantage. They are really close to US-Mexico border. It is as simple as driving down across the border, get the surgery done, and head back home. Contrary to popular belief, Mexico is a lot safer now. Few incidents involving foreign tourists have been reported of late.  As regards quality of the surgery, plastic surgeons in Mexico have gathered enormous repertoire to boast of success. Their CVs are impressive.

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