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Knee Replacement in Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

 From Only $10,000* Welcome to our comprehensive program on knee replacement in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! You’ll find valuable information on total knee arthroplasty and benefits that can be garnered from the surgery. The cost of knee replacement surgery in Puerto Vallarta is almost one-fourth of the cost as compared to Canada, the US and other […]

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Revision weight-loss surgery in Puerto Vallarta

Revision weight-loss surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, could be just right for those who have had disappointing results or developed some complication after their initial bariatric procedure. Redo weight-loss surgery is required when:  The first weight-loss surgery has not brought the intended result — the patients may be required to undergo a revision of the […]

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Breast Reduction in Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

Chantelle Houghton, former Celebrity Big Brother winner, is the latest celebrity to announce breast reduction surgery to reduce her 32E/F size. But chances are she’ll spend a fortune on getting her vital statistics right. But you don’t have to. A breast reduction in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico could give you the results that Houghton aspires for […]

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Affordable Tummy Tucks across the US – Mexico Border

With the availability of affordable tummy tucks across the US-Mexico border, Mexico is seeing a rise in the number of medical tourists benefiting their pockets with substantial savings.  

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Thigh Lift in Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

Dimpled skin and fat bulges on the thighs can be very unsightly—they have the potential to take away a woman’s self-esteem in an unforgiving manner. With thigh lift in Puerto Vallarta – Mexico, every woman’s dream of possessing slimmer and tauter thighs can come true without the nightmare of high medical bills. Cosmetic surgery in […]

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