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Mexico Medical Tourism

Mexico Health welcomes you to a portal that carries comprehensive information about the health facilities in Mexico. Recent years have seen an upsurge in the number of American and Canadian patients traveling south of the border in pursuit of affordable healthcare.

Massive Savings

If you are looking for value-for-money medical treatments, then Mexico is the right place to consider. With medical treatments costing just about a fraction of the prices quoted in the US and Canada, Mexico gives you an opportunity to save big.

Top Hospitals

The country abounds in hospitals and clinics that observe high quality and hygiene standards matching up with and even superseding the level of care one would get in the US and Canada. Our network hospitals feature the latest technology and highly experienced medical professionals.

Quality Medical Care

You can expect to receive good quality medical care despite paying much lower than in your home country. Our destination managers ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible. The salubrious climate of the country adds to your rest-and-rejuvenation experience.


Proximity to the US and Canada adds to the lure of Mexico as a medical tourism destination. The major medical tourism hubs are just a few hours’ drive or a short flight away from the US. You can further rein in your medical expenses by saving on travel costs.

Some of Our Network Medical Specialists

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Dr. Eliseo Mora in Tijuana - Mexico
Orthopedic Surgeon – Mexico

One of the top orthopedic surgeons in Mexico, practicing in Tijuana with over three decades of experience and an international member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

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Dr. Camelo Ramos - Tijuana, Mexico
Weight Loss Surgeon – Mexico

A highly competent weight loss surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico with experience of over a thousand bariatric procedures, of which . He also specializes in digestive and general surgery.

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Dr. Javier Garcia - Tijuana
Plastic Surgeon – Mexico

A US-educated plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing in the Mexican border of Tijuana. He has undergone training at the San Diego School of Medicine, California, and Stanford Medical Center.

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Dr. Enrique Ramirez - Los Algodones - Mexico
Dental Surgeon – Mexico

One of the top names in the field of dental implantology and laser dentistry practicing in Los Algodones - Mexico. He has completed implant dentistry course from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Massachusetts.

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Medical Treatments in Mexico

Spine Surgery
Eye Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery
Fertility Treatments
Stem Cells
Orthopedic Surgery
Weight Loss Surgery
Spine Surgery

Many specialized spine hospitals and medical centres in Mexico cater to foreign patients beleaguered by debilitating spine disorders. You want to overcome that disgusting pain in the back, but if delayed doctor appointments and the fear of heavy bills are being the hindrance to your good health, spine surgery in Mexico could be of help.

Eye Surgery

LASIK laser eye surgery in Mexico and other vision correction treatments are a hit among medical tourists primarily due to their significantly low costs as compared to the US. Mexican ophthalmologists make use of state-of-the-art equipments to provide high quality eye services, and try to restore perfect vision of the patients.

Cosmetic Surgery

Mexico provides a good alternative to expensive cosmetic treatments in the US and Canada. The expertise of the surgeons, their hygienic practices, short waiting time, and affordability of esthetic treatments in Mexico are big draws for North Americans besieged by high surgery costs in their countries.

Fertility Treatments

Mexico fertility clinics are giving new hopes to people struggling with the problems of infertility. Fertility clinics in Mexico offer in-vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation, sperm donation options for female/male infertility or age-related infertility. IVF costs in Mexico can be as much as 60-70 percent cheaper than those in the US.


Dental Implants, crowns and bridges and other dental treatments, which may be inaccessible to many US and Canadian patients due to high costs there, are available in Mexico at significantly lower prices. Low costs, proximity to the US, and skilled dentists are attracting hordes of dental tourists to Mexico.

Stem Cells

Mexico is popular among medical tourists looking to undergo stem cell treatment for conditions that may not be curable through these methods in other countries. Stem cell therapies offer cures for a many serious medical problems including cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, blindness and erectile dysfunction.


High tech facilities in Mexico are helping cancer patients against their battle with the deadly disease. The qualification of Mexican doctors is comparable to that of their US counterparts, and since they treat more patients on an average, they tend to have valuable experience in handling cancer cases.

Orthopedic Surgery

Ortho experts in Mexico employ both surgical and nonsurgical means to treat various problems of the musculoskeletal system like degenerative diseases, trauma, infections, tumors, injuries from sports/accidents, or congenital ortho problems. Orthopedic treatments in Mexico are affordable and they do not require the patients to wait in long queues.

Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric Surgery in Mexico is popular among people who have failed to lose weight by non-surgical methods, and cannot bear surgery costs back home. Many Mexican surgeons are trained in the USA, and the close proximity makes it possible for them to attend advanced training programs and conferences there.

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What patients say About Mexico Health

  • Testimonial-1-

    Very happy about the results. No complication. Hospital was great - Collean Jaime

  • Testimonial 2

    My every need was met, often, before I even asked for it. They were very attentive. It was wonderful. - Tamara Mattson

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    It's very clean, very nice; people very attentive. Everything went well. - Pedro Fraga

  • Testimonial-5

    Never while at the hospital did I feel worried about my safety or my decision to have the surgery outside the US - Lisa Craig

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    This was wonderful. I enjoyed it. They made it very pleasant for me. Very pleasant! - Lynette Fletcher

  • Melisa - Testimonial

    I would suggest anybody to just do it, just don't be afraid to go. It'll be fine - Melisa

  • Testimonial-4-

    The facilities were clean, the standards were good. It was equal to any hospital here in the States - Jim Golbienko