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Mini Facelift in Cancun

If you are bothered by the signs of aging in your face and neck but are hesitant to pay exorbitant prices to US surgeons, a mini facelift in Cancun, in one of Mexico’s reputable hospitals might be right for you.

mini-facelift-cancun-mexicoA facelift or rhytidectomy is generally considered a restorative procedure that tightens sagging skin in the face and neck area, resulting in a smoother, younger-looking face. A mini facelift, however, may not get the same results as a regular facelift when it comes to the extent and the duration of effects. A mini facelift is mainly recommended to patients who are:

  • In the earlier stages of face and neck skin wrinkling and sagging
  • Experiencing small to medium displaced face fat especially in the chin area
  • Losing some tone in their cheekbones and brows

Patients in the later stages of aging and those displaying more skin wrinkling and sagging may want to consider a full face lift for more dramatic results. Cosmetic surgeons also perform laser mini facelift surgery in Cancun, where they use laser technology to make the incisions.

Cost of Mini Facelift Surgery in Cancun

In the US, facelift surgery was listed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) as the sixth most popular cosmetic procedure in 2008. In recent years, the advent of medical tourism in other countries near the US has encouraged Americans to work with foreign cosmetic surgeons to get great results for lesser money.

A mini-facelift surgery in Cancun can cost only 50% or lower than what one would normally pay in the US. The lower prices do not lower the quality of the procedures, as most Mexican plastic surgeons trained in the US with their American counterparts.

Going to Cancun, Mexico for Mini Facelift Surgery

Because of the proximity of Mexico, a lot of people from the US, Canada, and surrounding areas visit Mexican cities for cosmetic surgery. Here are some tips for people interested in Cancun mini-facelift surgery:

  • expansive-ocean-in-cancunThe best way to get to Cancun, Mexico is by air. There are flights that go directly into Cancun International Airport. From Los Angeles, it takes around 8 hours, and from New York City around 6 hours.
  • For people in North America who want to drive to Cancun, it may take several hours, even days for those from farther states. Before you travel for cosmetic surgery in Mexico, it is best to coordinate with the surgeon before the trip so he can say when it is safe for you to drive back after your mini facelift procedure in Cancun.
  • Cancun has a wide selection of hotels you can choose from. However, the cosmetic surgery centres in Mexico included in our network can help you find one that is most convenient and suited to your budget.

Getting Ready for Mini Facelift Surgery in Cancun

So you are all set to visit beautiful Mexico! Here are some recommended steps you should take before the trip:

  • Collect all the necessary paperwork for your entry to Mexico. Americans and Canadians mostly need personal identification as proof of their citizenship (passport and IDs), while other citizens may be required to fill out some forms in their local Mexican consulate. Do not forget to bring medical files and documents connected to your trip for plastic surgery in Mexico.
  • Research online about places you may want to visit while in town. Cancun is an amazing tourist destination and you should take advantage of this trip to experience what it has to offer.
  • Pack accordingly. Your trip for a mini facelift in Cancun, Mexico will be much more comfortable if you bring clothes appropriate for their tropical weather, but bring a sweater or jacket for cooler hotel rooms and doctors’ offices.

Lastly, what is the most important tip of all? Enjoy! You are going to be in a vacation place. Soak in the views, the culture and make your trip a memorable one.

Mexico Health facilitates affordable mini facelift in Cancun, and other Mexican cities. For more information, please submit the estimate-request form on the right.

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