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Intragastric Balloon Procedure, Cancun

Bariatric surgeries in Mexico are gaining worldwide  popularity due to their high quality and low cost. In this video a reputed bariatric surgeon from Cancun talks about the intragastric balloon procedure in Cancun.


Following is the video narration:

“It’s a procedure that I don’t think is a good choice for a patient seeking a long-term loss of weight, okay? We like it and we use it for super-obese patients — patients of BMIs of sixty or above. We place the balloons for six months, eight months, to bring them down the most we can endorse six to seven months to be able to take them to surgery, okay? But the balloon has shown that if you don’t support it with a very good diet, a change of lifestyle and exercise, as soon as you pull out the balloon, the patient will regain weight.”

You may avail high-quality bariatric surgery services through MexicoHealth in the following cities: Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Mexicali, and Puerto Vallarta.

Choosing Mexico for affordable surgery options will be a wise decision. In order to make an informed choice, you can ask for a free quote for a procedure of your choice. Whether your requirement is for an intragastric balloon procedure, gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, at our network hospitals you will find an affordable solution for all your weight loss needs.

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