Partial Plates in Mexico

Partial dental plates can be sought by those who have some teeth remaining in their jaws. With the rising dental tourism industry in Mexico, the country offers a number of quality yet low cost options for partial plates.

How much would Partial Denture Cost in Mexico?

The following are our package prices for partial dental plates in Los Algodones.


Type of Partial Denture Plate Cost
Upper/Lower Partial Denture $350
Partial Dental Dentures – Acrylic Teeth $300
Partial Dentures – (Valplast- Acrylic Teeth) $350
Partial Denture (Flexible Valplast) $350


To know the cost of partial dentures in other parts of Mexico, we advise you to fill our online quote form. Also, the above mentioned prices can be changed without any prior notification. We suggest that you fill our online estimate-form to get a solid quote on your treatment.

How Much You Save?

The average cost of partial dentures in the United States is about $950 to $1,300. By opting for our value-for-money packages applicable for different Mexican cities, you can easily save 70% of the US prices.

Why Travel to Mexico for Partial Dental Plates?

  • Massive savings: The cost of partial dental plates across the major Mexican dental tourism hubs is only about a quarter of the prices charged in the US and Canada.
  • Prompt attention: You not only get to schedule your treatment without any wait-times involved, but also get to enjoy quick patient turnover at the clinics we work with.
  • Proximity: Some of the destinations which you can choose in Mexico for your partial dental plate treatment, such as Los Algodones and Tijuana, are just a few minutes’ drive from the United States.
  • No language barriers: Taking a dental trip abroad can sound a little intimidating. However, just to see to it that our customers do not face any language barriers when they are at it, we work with English-speaking dental professionals.
  • State-of-the-art dental facility at your service: We work with the leading dental clinics of the country. Below are the features of the dental facility we work with in Los Algodnes:
    • Advanced CAD-CAM technology
    • Panoramic and digital periapical x-rays
    • Ozone therapy
    • Dental laser technology
    • Dental doctors affiliated with the American Dental Association and other international dental bodies
    • Room sterilization and water purification systems
    • A number of amenities such as a well-furnished patient lobby, gratis access to the Internet, free phone calls to the US and Canada, and plasma TVs
  • A chance to vacation: The country is a perfect mish-mash of nature at its best, architectural marvels and throbbing resort cities. A dental trip to the North American country can be extended into vacation. And all the more reason to do so with the savings that you enjoy on your treatment.


We, at Mexico Health, have garnered a long list of happy clients, as we hold patient satisfaction in high esteem. This is what a Phoenix, Arizona resident had to say about her satisfying dental trip to Los Algodones

“They want you to really really be satisfied; it’s a wonderful experience…Everyone that I spoke to just highly recommends the services and the dental facility here.”

Destinations for Your Dental Work

  • Los Algodones: A prime dental tourism hub of Mexico thronged by American and Canadian snowbirds in winters. The tiny Mexican border town is just seven miles south of Yuma, Arizona.
  • Tijuana: It is another major dental tourism hub of the country located about 17 miles from San Diego, CA. Read more on getting dental plates in Tijuana.
  • Cancun: This pulsating resort city located by the Yucatan Peninsula offers good quality dental work at affordable prices along with great beaches and a glimpse of the Mayan architecture.
  • Puerto Vallarta: Another beach destination that you could choose for your partial plate procedure.

An Overview of Partial Dental Plates

  • Partial plates or dentures help replace teeth missing in groups or different parts of the jaw-line.
  • The replacement teeth are fixed to a pink base matching the color of the gums.
  • You make a candidate for partial plates if are not completely edentulous and have at least one tooth remaining in your jaw.
  • Some of the high precision varieties have internal clasps at both ends of the dentures which fix well with the adjoining teeth.
  • Partial plates help fill up gaps in the jaws and also make sure the remaining teeth do not move away from their place.
  • Dental implants are a more expensive alternative to partial plates. These are artificial teeth roots that are left in the jaw for weeks to integrate with the jawbones. These are then topped with dental crowns or caps.


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