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Bartholin Gland Marsupialization in Mexico

With the cost of healthcare rising, many uninsured American women are finding it increasingly difficult to afford important procedures. If you are suffering from a painful vaginal cyst, traveling for Bartholin gland marsupialization in Mexico can be an inexpensive way to get the treatment you need. It’s no surprise more and more women are taking […]

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Hemicolectomy in Mexico

Hemicolectomy is the medical term for the removal of the left or right portion of the colon, and is a common treatment option for those suffering from colon cancer. Worrying about finances is the last thing you want if you need a surgical procedure for colon cancer, but by having a hemicolectomy in Mexico you […]

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Kidney Stone Removal in Mexico

Low cost treatments, first-class health facilities, and expert doctors are just some of the reasons behind the increasing popularity of healthcare tourism in Mexico, particularly among Americans and Canadians. In case of those suffering from severe symptoms of kidney stones, one of the feasible treatment options is kidney stone removal in Mexico. What are the […]

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Incisional Hernia Surgery in Mexico

Ventral or incisional hernia surgery in Mexico is an affordable and convenient way to correct a protrusion that occurs on or near a prior abdominal surgical incision. This surgical complication can affect anyone, from the aged to teenagers who have previously had a surgery in the abdominal area. An increasing number of medical tourists, mainly […]

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Hiatal Hernia Surgery Mexico

If you’re suffering from hiatal hernia but the high cost of the requisite treatment is preventing you from getting some respite right away, then affordable hiatal hernia surgery in Mexico might be what you need. Electing to undergo surgery for hiatal hernia in Mexico can alleviate your pain and at the same time, give you […]

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