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Breast Reduction in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Although it might be the object of envy for some women, for others large breasts can cause physical and emotional discomfort. As the costs of cosmetic surgery procedures in the USA and Canada remain high, breast reduction in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is the only affordable option for many medical tourists. Cost of plastic surgery in Mexico can be termed a pittance when compared with what getting a nip and tuck would cost in a First World country.

Breast Reduction Surgery – Overview

  • A breast reduction is a surgical procedure that removes redundant breast glandular tissue, fat tissue, and excess skin. It is performed on female and male patients.
  • The tissue is removed through incisions made on the breasts.
  • The surgery is done under local or general anesthesia.14-2
  • The procedure uplifts the breasts giving the patient a size that is in proportion with the body.
  • The goal of the procedure is to get respite from the discomfort caused by unwieldy breasts.
  • The patient normally takes painkillers for a period of time after the surgery as the breasts might feel sore.
  • In cases when the large breast size is due to fatty tissue deposits liposuction breast reduction in Ciudad Juarez can be chosen.
  • According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 83,241 women had a breast reduction procedure done in 2010. In addition to that 18,280 men underwent breast reduction (gynecomastia) in the same year, which was 6% up compared to 2009.

Why Opt for Breast Reduction Surgery in Ciudad Juarez?

  • The breast reduction prices in Ciudad Juarez are a fraction of that charged in the US and Canada and one can save anything between 50%-70% of the total expenses.
  • Medical tourists can also apply for medical loans to help them with the breast reduction cost in Ciudad Juarez.
  • Because of low prices and the savings that you will enjoy in turn, you may also consider getting a tummy tuck or gluteal implant surgery in Mexico for an over-all improved appearance.
  • Ciudad Juarez hospitals are within an easy reach from such states as New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California. For instance, the distance from Tucson, Arizona is 424km; from El Paso, Texas to this Mexican city is only 16km.
  • Leading hospitals have an extensive experience in dealing with international patients as Mexico is a popular medical tourism destination.
  • They have all the necessary technology in place to treat their patients. So if you are thinking of a more complex procedure such as meniscus repair in Ciudad Juarez, you can rest assured of getting quality treatment. fotolia_9850794_subscription_xl
  • Many plastic surgeons in Mexico undergo post-graduate or specialty training at American and Canadian medical schools.
  • Many hospitals are accredited by the General Health Council of Mexico and the Joint Commission International to ensure compliance with the hygiene and safety standards and demonstrate the high quality of patient care.
  • Major hospitals have good success rates in performing such procedures as female breast reduction and breast reduction for men in Ciudad Juarez.

Trip for Breast Reduction Surgery in Ciudad Juarez – Tips

  •  ŸRemember that a breast reduction and gynecomastia treatment in Ciudad Juarez are considered major surgeries, so allow  yourself time to recover before traveling home.
  • The decision to have a breast reduction is very personal and you have to weigh your goals against the potential risks and complications.
  • The reputable hospitals of Mexico offer world class facilities and technologies. However, in case of complications, the patient has to seek medical help in the home country. Make sure you have provisions for follow-up care.
  • You have to bear in mind that there are no standards and regulations in the medical tourism industry in Mexico at the moment, so check the surgeon’s credentials and the hospital’s accreditations thoroughly; discuss your stay in the hospital in detail.
  • Remember, most of the doctors in private hospitals do not have malpractice insurance
  • Research your destination: the location of the hospital, transport links available, safety recommendations, good restaurants and tourist attractions nearby.
  • Plan only light relaxing activities for the period of postoperative recovery and healing of the breasts.

Low cost surgeries in Mexico continue to attract western medical tourists, who can avail of the world class hospital facilities and quality patient care. Getting a breast reduction in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico can bring physical and emotional relief without the financial burden attached.

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