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Hip Replacement in Ciudad Juarez – Mexico

Hip replacement surgery in the developed countries of the world such as the US, Canada, and the UK can be quite costly. To help offset some of the expenses related to the surgery, many patients are opting to undergo hip replacement in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. hip-replacement-in-ciudad-juarezOrthopedic surgeries including hip and knee replacement in Ciudad Juarez cost much lesser than in First World countries.

Mexico has become a sought-after destination for undergoing medical treatments. Rising healthcare costs and the economic meltdown in the US have propelled value-for-money-medical tourism in the North American country. Offshore patients also throng Mexico for knee surgery, weight loss surgeries, and cosmetic procedures.

What is Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure that involves replacement of the damaged parts of the hip bone with prosthetics that help support the hip and spine. As per statistics compiled from the US CDC report titled “National Hospital Discharge Survey: 2007 Summary” by Margaret Jean Hall, et al., nearly 230,000 hip replacement procedures were performed in the US that year.

Reasons for getting a hip replacement can include the following:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis can lead to chronic pain and hip damage, so the bone may have to be replaced to help ease discomfort.
  • Malignant bone tumors can also entail total hip replacement.
  • Injury to the hip bone can also necessitate hip replacement.

Advantages of Joint Hip Replacement in Ciudad Juarez

  • Those who can’t afford the surgery in their own country may consider partial or total hip replacement in Mexico.
  • Hip replacement surgery cost in Ciudad Juarez is a fraction of the prices quoted for the procedure in the US and Canada.
  • Low living and overhead costs and lower salaries of the medical practitioners compared to that of their counterparts in the States have contributed to bringing down the cost of medical treatments including orthopedic surgeries, bariatric surgeries, and hysterectomy surgery in Ciudad Juarez and other parts of Mexico.
  • Those who want top of the line medical care should think about having their hip replacement in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. This city is home to numerous reputable and advanced medical treatment centers.
  • imgp0204-jpg-hip-replacement-in-ciudad-juarezThere are a number of well experienced orthopedic surgeons practicing in Ciudad Juarez. Many of them have attended the prestigious medical schools of the United States.
  • Most of the medical practitioners are bilingual. Language-related problems are minimal.
  • Geographical proximity of the Mexican border town is an added advantage. Ciudad Juarez is only 10 miles from El Paso, Texas.
  • Anyone who wants to vacation while getting lower priced surgery may also consider undergoing hip replacement in Juarez. There are numerous tourist spots in the Mexican border town that patients can take advantage of both before and after the surgery.

Hip Replacement Surgery in Ciudad Juarez – Some Pointers

  • Though hip replacement in Juarez is quite affordable and leaves room for budgeting in a holiday, the vacation portion of the trip should also be factored into the total cost.
  • All patients should have their initial consultations and diagnoses with their primary care physicians before going to Mexico.
  • There are various types of surgeries. So, patients should weigh the pros and cons of both traditional and minimally invasive hip replacement surgeries in Ciudad Juarez Mexico.
  • Americans considering a hip replacement procedure south of the border should check about various renowned hospitals and surgeons in Ciudad Juarez. They can contact Mexico Health for more details.
  • Patients are advised to be wary of narcotics-related violence in the city.

Hip replacement in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is a low cost solution for those who cannot self-finance the procedure in their home country. The presence of modern hospitals, highly competent orthopedic surgeons, and a chance to recuperate in a tropic setting, all contribute to making Juarez an option worth considering.


Mexico Health facilitates affordable medical treatments at various quality hospitals in Mexico. For more information, please submit the estimate-request form on the right.

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