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Dental Tours to Cancun – Mexico

Whether you are looking to dazzle the world with your newly cleaned pearly whites or want to fix your damaged and decaying teeth, dental-tour-of-cancun-mexicodental tours to Cancun – Mexico might be an optimum choice. An increasing number of people are seeking dental care in Mexico to alleviate the pain and embarrassment of bad teeth.

A large chunk of the American population today lacks dental care insurance. According to a 2010 US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, “Dental Insurance for Persons Under the Age 65 Years with Private Health Insurance: United States, 2008” compiled by Barbara Bloom and Robin A. Cohen, an estimated 45 million Americans below 65 did not have any dental coverage in 2008. This has led many to head south of the border to take advantage of the low cost dental work in Mexico.

Going on a Dental Tour to Cancun

A dental trip to Cancun, Mexico can provide wallet friendly solutions for missing teeth, discolored or damaged teeth, crooked smiles, gum diseases, and painful decay, among others. For instance, one can get same-day dental implants in Cancun. One can also discuss various other options for taking care of dental ills besides immediate load dental implants in Cancun.

Whether you are planning to get a simple procedure such as teeth whitening or complicated root canal surgery, dental travel to Cancun, Mexico is likely to leave you beaming, ear-to-ear.

Why Consider Dental Tours to Cancun?

A recent American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons report found that one in four American adults will have lost all their permanent teeth by the age of 74. This has created an increased demand for good dental care that is affordable and timely. And this need for cost effective dental solutions is leading many to Cancun dentists for dental implants among other procedures.

Some of leading reasons for the rise of dental tourism in Cancun, Mexico are:

  • From tooth restorations to veneers; root canal treatment to gingival recontouring; and orthodontic procedures to extractions, patients are likely to save substantial amounts of money if they travel for dental treatment to Cancun, Mexico.
  • However, the low cost of dental work in Cancun does not translate into poor quality care. Indeed, the leading hospitals of Mexico are globally recognized for their high standards of care, equipment and hygiene as are the dental clinics in the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • The dentists in Mexico have to earn accreditation and certification before being allowed to practice. lovely-hues-of-blue-at-a-beach-in-cancun-mexico-(1)Widely experienced, many of the dentists on your dental trip to Cancun, Mexico are likely to be trained in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Most dentists in Mexico speak English.
  • Mexico has another competitive edge in the arena of dental tourism. On your dental tour to Cancun, you are unlikely to wait in line! So you can schedule procedures without undue juggling of schedules and disruption of plans.
  • Another huge advantage for American and Canadian dental vacationers is proximity. Dental trips to Cancun are a short hop and skip away!
  • And, last but hardly the least, is the allure of the blue waters and the throbbing nightlife that define Cancun. Make sure you take some time to explore the various offerings of this scenic city by the sea.

Tips for Dental Travel to Cancun – Mexico

Before embarking on any journey, especially one that aims to treat a dental problem, it is important that you do some research. Before heading on a dental tour to Cancun, Mexico, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your agreement, gather information about the city, the dental infrastructure in place and possible additional costs. Some other important considerations are as follows:

  • U.S. and Canadian citizens do require current passports, birth certificates or passport cards to enter Mexico. If your dental trip to Cancun, Mexico is less than 72 hours, you will not require a visa. Check with the Mexican Consulate serving your location to clarify all travel requirements.
  • Located on the southeast coast of the country, on the Yucatan peninsula, Cancun is a safe city of Mexico. While tourists are drawn to its shimmering waters, be aware of danger signs. Pay heed to the red (dangerous) and black (very dangerous) flags on lifeguard towers that indicate swim worthiness of the ocean.
  • While many people in Cancun will be conversant in English, carry a Spanish translation dictionary to practice your language skills
  • Before finalizing your plans on a dental trip to Cancun, be aware that hurricane season lasts from August to November.
  • Wear sunscreen and protective clothing since the sun can get burningly hot.
  • Please leave your valuables at home. Keep you ID and other important belongings in the hotel safe.

Cancun calls itself the Spring Break Capital of the world. With its strong tourist infrastructure in place, it offers visitors multiple options for rest and relaxation. Whether they want to explore the Mayans ruins, play golf, shop at the designer outlets or just lay in the sun, Cancun is a delightful destination.

Add to this, the burgeoning advantages of dental travel to Cancun, Mexico such as courteous dental professionals, state-of-the-art technology in pristine dental clinics and low cost procedures, and you have the perfect reason to take a dental holiday!

Mexico Health facilitates affordable Dental Tours to Cancun – Mexico. For more information, please submit the estimate-request form on the right.

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