Dental, Weight Loss and Plastic Surgery Hospital in Tijuana

This video shows the director of a leading medical centre in Tijuana discussing the hospital’s certifications, permitting it to work like a real hospital.

Due to an affordable cost of dental, weight loss and plastic surgery in Tijuana, it has become the key choice of many medical tourists across the globe. Alongside, the hospital’s up-to-date technology and cordial staff makes it a patient-friendly faculty.

 Following is the video narration.

“First of all, it’s a real hospital. It’s a building that was constructed under old regulations of a hospital in Mexico and also international regulations to have a hospital. Also we have all the certifications that give us the permit to work 100 percent like a full equipment hospital that means that we can handle different kind of patients.

We are ready and prepare for resolving any medical problem or any medical complication. That’s very important because there are other hospitals where you can go but when you have a problem they take you to the other hospital. We have all the facilities to take care of all that.”

US-Mexico border is about 17 miles from San Diego, California. Its geographical proximity gives medical tourists another reason to visit the place for bariatric surgery and cosmetic work. Another procedure mostly sought by medical tourists is dental implants in Tijuana.

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