Staff & Facilities at the Healthcare Center in Tijuana, Mexico

This video shows the director of a leading healthcare centre in Tijuana discussing its staff’s qualifications and various facilities available at the hospital.

Following is the video narration.

“We have a big special staff that is training, is bilingual. They have their certifications, if they are nurses they have their certification, they have experience and very important, they know how to work with bariatric patients and with other kind of patients. We also have in our building a full equipment laboratory that can make any kind of study and we can have the results in minutes, because we have very new equipment.

We also have radiology unit to take care of our patients, fluoroscopy unit that is very important for the bariatric patients. We have an ICU that is especially designed to work with patients that go through big surgeries, bariatric surgeries and to take care of any complication, if we have it. And till moment we didn’t had any complication in the time that we are working. We have the experience of hundreds of surgeries, especially bariatric surgeries here in the hospital.”

As the hospital’s director states, it’s a fully equipped faculty, with an immense experience in handling bariatric surgeries. The affordable cost of weight loss surgery, dental and cosmetic work makes it favorite among many medical tourists, especially Americans across the US-Mexico border.

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