Leading Tijuana Hospital Set-Up (Water Plant, Electricity Back-up, etc.)

This video shows the director of a leading hospital in Tijuana talking about its set-up. The hospital is well equipped with the latest technology and offers affordable prices for weight loss, dental and plastic surgery.

 Following is the video narration.

“Our hospital has something that is very important. We have our own water plant. We have our own electricity plant, if the electricity goes away we have instantly, in 10 seconds the backup of all 100 percent of our installation, all the equipment continue functioning and we have every part of the hospital working.

Also, I think that is very important for the patients and for the family members of the patient that come here. We have two cafeterias – one for the family of the patients and one cafeteria that is only to prepare special food that the patients require, before and after their surgeries. “

Tijuana’s proximity to the US-Mexico border makes it a workable option for people living in the border cities. In fact, for a short stay in the city, visa isn’t required for the Americans, passport is the only need. Availability of many American banks in Tijuana makes it possible to avoid carrying enough cash during the travel.

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