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Stem Cell Treatment Planning in Mexico – Part 1

The video shows a top stem cell specialist showing how stem cell treatment planning is done in Mexico. The doctor delves into day-wise break-up of the itinerary. A treatment plan is usually made after a thorough analysis of your reports for stem cell therapy in Mexico.

Narration – “When the patient comes to me, I just need 4-6 days, you know, when the patient comes here. Usually, patients fly to the San Diego airport area and we send the driver to pick them up. Their company is very trustful and then they bring them here to the Lucerna hotel or to …hotel, that is nice and friendly and they respect the patients and they take very good care of them.

Then the patient comes to me day1, day 2. day 3, day 4, day 5. The first three days involve four or five hours of treatment where I will give…that are very important and besides that, I will start using all the growth factors, at starting we will use Gastrin that will be enhancing the cells or the cells from the bone marrow, with Gastrin they will be transforming into neural cells and they will start doing their job even before we do the harvesting and the applying of the cells into the organ.

Day 1 and day 2 is almost similar. It is from 9 o’ clock to 12 o’ clock, they receive different injections with recombinant growth factors, their names are Cellmax and…and also we use the…and doing all those things combined is the way we can stir, producing the transdifferentiation of the stem cells to different cells that will go on working in the organs that needs the repair.

So we do medications with…that will help the brain to have their…they are with me here. In day 2 also we do same protocol of treatment and in day 3 we feed them up with amino acids, amino acids are very important to keep the stem cells stronger and healthier…we don’t use…because, well, the oxidation therapies, I don’t believe are good for stem cells.

We are trying to differentiate in the stem cells to the different stem cells that we need and then in the day 3 by 2 o’ clock, 3 o’ clock in the afternoon, we do the harvesting of the stem cells…when we know that most of the stem cells, the best stem cells and stem cells that are already trying to differentiate to different lines of the stem cell. We harvest the stem cells from different places. We choose to harvest those from the Tibia bone on the anterior part and the upper part of the bone because we don’t have a lot of problems going in there because if the bone is very close, we don’t have to go to a lot of muscle, a lot of tissue, like getting the stem cells from the iliac bone and besides that the cells that we get from there are mostly…cells and they’re already with all the nutrients they need to survive.

We have the stem cells and put it back in the patients and that’s very interesting how we do it.”

Watch the second part of the video in which the surgeon discusses post day two of the treatment plan for stem cells therapies in Mexico.


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