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Vertical Sleeve Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico – Testimonial

In this video, Bridget from Florida, United States talks about her vertical sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.



Following is the video narration.


” Hi, I am Bridget and I am from Temple, Florida where I am a .. and I am here today because I am going to have gastric sleeve surgery. Well the honest , the prise was the big part of it for coming here. I had done a lot of research on the internet about the different types of procedures that are available and the gastric sleeve was the one that I really wanted to have and I researched the hospital and a forum where you can go and on that there were lot of positive things being said so I thought it was worth it for me. Well I had put on a lot of weight, … fast.


In 2004 I weight about a 120 pounds and now I am a little over 200 pounds. So I have problems walking. My feet hurt, my knees hurt, my hips hurt. I have lower back pain, I run out of breath very easily so just trying to exercise, I am constantly out of breath, nothing fits, nothing looks good, I don’t want to go anywhere because I just don’t like the way I look. I can’t even buy clothes to make myself look good. So I really need to lose weight just for health reasons, if nothing else.


My mother was a diabetic who recently passed away. I don’t want to become a diabetic and I am borderline for that right now so I have tried diets, I have tried exercises, I did the medi weight loss which was very expensive – I lost a little bit of weight, maybe 20 pounds but if you don’t stay on it, all the way comes right back and at this point I am desperate, desperate for an answer. Well so far everything’s been perfect.


We met at the hospital, we were picked up exactly like we were told, my co-ordinator and she made sure that we all met. She was calling back and forth to make sure that we recognise everybody. Told us what the van would look like, the name of the driver …everything was exactly as we expected. We were picked up, we were dropped off, and everybody here has been very friendly. I have no complaints.”


The hospitals in Tijuana, Mexico  are well equipped with the latest technologies and advanced equipment required for carrying out the delicate surgeries competently and successfully. Post bariatric surgery, if required,  cosmetic surgery in Tijuana too is available at a low cost in comparison to the same procedures in the US.


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