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Weight Loss Revision Surgery, Cancun

In this video a leading bariatric surgeon from Cancun, Mexico explain weight loss revision surgery. At our network clinics and hospitals in Mexico you can choose from a wide range of weight loss options.


Following is the video narration:

“Bariatric surgery has been over now for almost thirty years, with Dr Mason, the pioneers of this techniques, about many years ago. Today, it’s a reality that we have hundreds, thousands of patients in Mexico, I mean the United States that had a bariatric surgery, an obesity surgery technique, whichever you want to call it: gastric band, gastric bypass, even gastric sleeves now, that they on the beginning have good results, but after three, four, five years, they start regaining weight.

“So, another thing that we are doing today it’s revision surgery. What do I mean by revision surgery? So, if a patient had a gastric band, he lost a hundred pounds. But now he’s gaining, he has gained twenty, and he doesn’t want to go back to those hundred pounds. What we can do it’s remove the gastric band, and change his surgery to a gastric sleeve. Or, if a patient has a failed gastric sleeve, we can change his surgery to a gastric bypass, what do I mean gastric bypass? Those are revision surgeries, and those are more and more often, everyday. Why? Because of the main surgeries that has been done on the last twenty years, okay?

“I want to add that when I talk about revision surgery, I’m talking about a patient that used to be obese patient, and is no longer an obese patient. They are starting to gain weight, and they want to prevent that, okay? Because if a patient loses a hundred pounds, and regains a hundred pounds, that’s not a good candidate for a revision surgery, okay? He is a good candidate for another type of facility.”

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