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International Patients of Mexico Bone and Joints Specialist

A reputed orthopaedic surgeon from Tijuana, Mexico talks about the different places from where patients come to his clinic for procedures such as such as knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery and spine surgery.

He also informs about the post-operative care provided at his clinic for convalescing patients.


Following is the video narration:

“Most of my patients come from the Los Angeles, then north of Los Angeles Bakersfield the south of… . Some of them come from the bay area, too. I think most of them come from the San Diego area, in the … .

“Well, we have two recovery rooms in the clinic, because most of the surgery I perform here is for ambulatory surgery.

“When we have the necessity to remain the patients in the clinic for surgeries like knee replacement or hip replacement, or spine surgery, we have two recovery rooms in the clinic. And we can keep the patients here for 3 nights or 4 nights—all depends on the recuperation of the post-op.”

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