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Gastric Bypass or Mini Gastric Bypass? – Cancun Surgeon’s Interview

In this video, a reputed bariatric surgeon from Cancun, Mexico talks about mini gastric bypass. MexicoHealth facilitates a wide range of weight loss options in several Mexican cities.


Following is the video narration:

“Mini gastric bypass, it’s a procedure being done in Europe for the past ten years, okay? And, the difference between the gastric bypass and the full gastric bypass is that instead of making two anastamosis — anastamosis means attachment of one bowel to another. In case of doing two, you just do one, okay? Long-term trials now of ten-years follow-up have shown that the patients with mini gastric bypass are having exactly the same results as the patients with the full gastric bypass, with less risk of leakages, because instead of doing two anastmosis, you’re just doing one, okay?

“Major concern about the mini gastric bypass was biliary reflux. But with the new techniques where you do a long pouch in order for preventing this biliary reflux, the long-term results are really promising. Even in the last year’s IFSO Congress, the International Federation of Surgery of Obesity, in Hamburg, there was a meeting comparing the full gastric bypass with the mini gastric bypass, and at the very end the consensus was that they were exactly the same, but one with less risks than the other.”

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