Bariatric Surgeon Mexico – Patient Testimonial

This video is about a gastric sleeve surgeon in Mexico being praised by his patient from the US. She is profusely appreciative of his humane, faith inducing behavior.

Following is the video narration:

“I went to many many places, looking to where I was going to trust, or who I was going to trust to do the surgery. And, I went to other doctors, I didn’t feel that, I don’t know I was afraid.

“But this doctor, he is more of a humanist person, you know. He’s a human; he feels for you, and I felt safe with him, and that’s why I did it.

“He has a good team, and everybody treated me really well. That was my experience. And he keeps in touch with us; that I think, that’s the main part, that he keeps in touch, he tells you how you doing, sometimes by email, sometimes by phone, sometimes by Facebook. But he shares a lot, so that makes you feel good.”

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