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Michelle Reviews Nose Job in Cancun, Mexico

In this video, Michelle from Canada, who underwent nose surgery in Cancun, talks about Cancun as a medical tourism destination.


Narration – “It’s a wonderful place, I travelled afar and we have a very advanced city, we have amazing shopping here, phenomenal we have…stores…American stores…and everything we have more advanced than south Paris. Shopping that’s on road, and we have pleasant beaches here…and the service actual service, we don’t have to keep asking…you’re finished and it’s gone…it’s really nice…in Mexico, I mean when you travel you notice how supported you are where you live, if you live here.”

US-Mexico border cities of Cancun, Los Algodones, Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, and Mexicali are finding favor with medical tourists from the US and Canada owing to their geographic proximity and excellent infrastructure. So much so that, a phenomenon of ‘weekend surgeries’ is becoming mainstream. Such short duration surgeries generally require the patient to take necessary precautions after plastic surgery, if they can’t stay back in Mexico to recover under the vigil of surgeons who conducted the surgery.


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