Gastric Sleeve Surgeon in Mexico

If you have decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, not only will you be saving on cost but will also get treated by some of the most competitive bariatric surgeons. Gastric sleeve surgeons in Mexico have a lot of experience of treating patients from all corners of the world.

surgeonIn fact, many Americans hop borders to undergo bariatric surgeries including gastric sleeve surgery at various reputable hospitals in Mexico primarily because of high quality medical services available in Mexico and that too at a fraction of what they would have to pay for similar services back home.

Obesity is one of the major problems plaguing people across the world. Consumption of junk food with Trans-fats coupled with unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles is literally pushing people towards chronic obesity. Gastric sleeve surgeons in Mexico help tackle this problem in the most affordable way.

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Medical value tourism in Mexico is on the rise. Its geographical proximity has been a major draw among Americans and Canadians as they can substantially cut down on travel costs and time by undertaking a medical trip to Mexico.  Also, a number of Americans who have to self-finance their medical treatments choose to travel to Mexico to undergo low cost procedures there. The following information will give you an overview of the booming medical tourism industry in Mexico.

  • According to the World Health Organization, the healthcare system in Mexico ranked number 61 in the world.
  • Top notch infrastructure, state of the art hospitals and highly qualified gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgeons in Mexico have all contributed towards making the country a hub for those seeking bariatric surgery.
  • A number of medical tourists throng Mexico for cosmetic and plastic procedures, heart surgeries, and dental work too.
  • According to the Health Digital System, medical tourism in Mexico generated revenue of about $650 million in 2009. Revenues generated from medical tourism in Mexico have been increasing at an annual rate of 25% and are even expected to cross $1 billion in the coming years.

Advantages of Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

Here are some of the key benefits of undergoing sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Mexico:

  • Mexico is home to a number of JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals spread across the major cities.
  • Hospitals are equipped with the latest technology and follow strict guidelines for hygiene and infection control.
  • Undergoing vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico offers medical tourists a chance to experience medical care comparable to that in the first world countries and that too at a much lower cost.
  • Apart from cost benefits, medical tourists can benefit from the superior quality of services in the Mexican hospitals.
  • Hospitals in Mexico also offer a number of unconventional yet ground breaking treatments like stem cell therapy which are banned in countries such as the US.

Cost of Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy in Mexico

  • gastric-sleeve-surgeryMedical procedures in Mexico cost a fraction of their value in the first world countries.
  • In fact one of the main factors drawing people to Mexico is the reduced cost of surgery and affordable medical treatment.
  • As per a report published by the Center for Public Integrity, approximately 45 million Americans do not have health insurance. Under such conditions, surgery would result in a huge strain on the finances, a major deterrent for many considering bariatric surgery.
  • Also many of the health insurance schemes do not include weight loss surgery, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico results in cost savings of 60% to 70% inspite of incurring accommodation and travel expenses.
  • Surgery in Mexico leaves tourist with sufficient resources to recuperate in the serenity and beauty of this vibrant Latin American country.
  • You can ask for free quotes to formulate an estimate regarding cost of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Mexico.

Gastric Sleeve Surgeon in Mexico

  • Certain amount of research can help patients find an excellent gastric sleeve surgeon in Mexico.
  • Obesity surgeons in Mexico have a lot of experience of treating off-shore patients. A number of them also have experience of working in the US.
  • Doctors in Mexico are extremely skilled, with many of them receiving training from renowned medical schools in the US and West Europe.
  • After years of college and residency abroad, most doctors speak good English and communicate easily with the foreign patients.
  • Patients should finally decide on a gastric sleeve surgeon in Mexico who they completely trust and should make it a point to discuss their expectations from the procedure in detail prior to the surgery.
  • Physicians in the leading hospitals in Mexico see more patients a day and specialists spend more time with patients than the average number of patients seen in a day and time spent on each patient in countries with overburdened healthcare systems such as the US and the UK.
  • Mexico Health helps patients get in touch with some of the best doctors in the country.

Where to Go in Mexico for Gastric sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is available in hospitals in the major cities such as:

  • Mexico City – The capital of the country, the city offers a wide array of complex procedures conducted by some of the leading bariatric surgeons of Mexico.
  • Cancun – The coastal city of Cancun, apart from being one of the major spring vacation destinations of the world is also home to many state of the art hospitals and medical centers.
  • Guadalajara – Some of the reputable Guadalajara hospitals offer treatment at par with the US standards.
  • Tijuana – Its close proximity to the US border makes Tijuana a preferred destination of people seeking affordable and high quality surgery. According to the San Diego Tribune, around 1 million Californians sought medical treatment in Mexico in 2009, with most of them heading to Tijuana. We work with a leading bariatric surgery center in Tijuana. Contact us for more details.

Before and After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before and after Gastric Sleeve Surgery, a number of points need to be taken into consideration by the prospective patients:

  • chihuahuaGastric sleeve surgery reduces the amount of food ingested and makes a person feel full faster thereby resulting in the loss of pounds.
  • However, patients must realize that weight loss ultimately depends on adopting a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and a balanced diet.
  • Before bariatric surgery in Mexico, patients must stop smoking and consuming alcohol and blood thinners like aspirin to prevent development of complications later.
  • As per a study called “Early experience with laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy as a single-stage bariatric procedure” by Lewis, Dhanasopon, Dutson and Mehran, sleeve gastectomy as a standalone procedure can result in loss of 32 to 38% of excess body weight in the first 6 to 12 months after the surgery.
  • After the procedure, gastric sleeve surgeons in Mexico guide the patients step by step through the recovery period.
  • Patients are put on a liquid diet for the initial 4-6 weeks after which solid food is slowly reintroduced.

Tips for Medical Tourists in Mexico

Patients seeking gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico must keep the following tips in mind:

  • The official language of the country is Spanish, yet the Mexicans are well versed in English as well.
  • Women greet each other by patting on the right shoulder or forearm while for men hugging, backslapping or shaking hands is the norm.
  • The official currency of Mexico is Peso. It is advisable to get money exchanged prior to the arrival in the country.
  • Although there are a number of drug stores that are open 24 hours in Mexico, travelers are advised to carry a simple first aid kit for emergencies.

Gastric sleeve surgeons in Mexico offer people suffering from chronic obesity a shot at their ideal weight, that too at a price which will not burn a huge hole in the pocket.


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