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Eye Evisceration Surgery in Cancun

eye-surgery-in-progressSevere injury to the eye, pain in the eye, tumors or severe infection may warrant eye evisceration surgery. If the cost of the surgery in your home country has been bothering you, then one option that you can consider is having eye evisceration in Cancun, Mexico.

Eye evisceration in Mexico is a pocket-friendly option which gives you the opportunity to get quality care rivaling that found in the hospitals of the United States for just a fraction of the American prices.

Why Cancun for Eye Evisceration Procedure?

  • Pay only a minuscule percentage of the prices charged for eye evisceration in the United States.
  • Proximity of Cancun to the United States which translates into savings in travel time and cost.
  • US-trained ophthalmologists who have good experience of treating medical tourists from North America.
  • These ophthalmologists are English-speaking; hence, chances of any communication problems are drastically cut down.
  • Quick scheduling of surgery without any wait-times.
  • Well-equipped hospitals with the latest technology.
  • Cancun is a resort city brimming with beautiful sandy beaches lapped by turquoise blue waters and pulsating bars and nightclubs. A medical trip for eye surgery to Cancun gives you an opportunity to recuperate in a salubrious environment.

What is Eye Evisceration?

  • Eye evisceration involves removing content of the eyes, [singlepic id=583 w=320 h=240 float=right]except for the white of the eye called the sclera and the extraocular muscles which control eye movement.
  • Evisceration is different from enucleation in the sense the latter involves complete removal of the eye.
  • After removal of the content of the eye, an implant is placed into the socket.
  • This implant is covered by the patient’s own tissue.
  • Implants are made of various materials such as silicone rubber, alumina and polyethylene.
  • An eye evisceration is more suitable if the affected eye has glaucoma or diabetes of the last stage, has suffered trauma and has no suspected malignancy or tumor.
  • Enucleation will be more suitable if melanoma or tumors are suspected in the eye.

How Much Will Eye Removal Surgery Cost in Mexico?

  • The cost of eye evisceration in Mexico can be 60% to 70% lower than the prices charged for the surgery in the United States and Canada.
  • The massive cost difference stems from the substantial difference in the cost of living of the United States and Mexico, with living costs in the latter being substantially lower than in the United States.
  • The rise of a competitive medical tourism industry in Cancun also helps keep a check on how much hospitals and clinics charge you for medical treatments.
  • For a detailed quote on how much for eye removal in Mexico, we suggest you fill our online quote form.

Know Your Surgery Destination

  • Cancun is a popular tourist destination located by the Caribbean.
  • It is famous for its pristine beaches, thriving underwater world, splendid Mayan architecture and state-of-the-art holidaying arrangements.
  • The city experiences tropical climate throughout the year.
  • The city is served by its own international airport (IATA code: CUN) which also happens to be the second busiest airport, and is just 10km (6 mi) from the hotel area.
  • Some of the airlines connecting the city to the other parts of North America are American Airlines, Delta, US Airways, Virgin America, Air Canada, Air Transat, CanJet and WestJet.
  • Some of the must-visits of Cancun are:
    • The Interactive Museum
    • Isla Mujeres
    • Isla Contoy
    • Chichen Itza Archeological Site
    • Tulum (located about 80 miles from Cancun, famous for El Castillo)

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