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Eye Evisceration in Tijuana

eye-evisceration-in-tijuanaIn some cases, salvage of vision becomes impossible. However, it’s not the end of the road and patients still have an alternative in the form of eye evisceration surgery.

The procedure involves removing contents of the affected eye (cornea, iris, lens, retina and the vitreous humor), leaving behind the white covering of the eyeball called the sclera and the muscles that aid movement of the eyeball.

Eye evisceration prices in the USA, however, can be quite intimidating. If you are looking for affordable surgery for removal of eye not very far from the USA, one option worth considering if having eye evisceration in Tijuana, Mexico.

Why Tijuana for Eye Evisceration Surgery?

  • Save a Lot – Cost of eye evisceration in Mexico and particularly in Tijuana can cost almost 70% lower than the pries charged north of the border in the United States.
  • Get Quality Care – We work with the leading opthalmologists of Tijuana who have good experience of treating patients from across the border. Also, the clinic where your eye evisceration will be facilitated in Tijuana is known for its high quality standards and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Top Opthalmologists – The ophthalmologist in the Mexican border town we work with trained in the United States and Canada. She specialized in retina and ophthalmology in Harvard, Boston and even practiced in the USA for over a decade. She studied internal medicine from New York.
  • No Language Barriers – With years of experience in treating patients from the United States and Canada, our network eye surgeons are sensitive to the needs of foreign patients and are English-speaking.
  • Ease of Getting There – Tijuana lies on the other side of the San Ysidro Port of Entry. Conveniently, located just 17 miles from San Diego in California, the Mexican border city makes a great medical tourism destination for Californians. Also, the San Diego International Airport (IATA Code: SAN) is just 20 minutes from the Mexican border city.

How Much You Save?

roads-to-tijuana-mexico-and-san-diego-caExpect to pay as high as $30,000 for eye evisceration in other parts of North America. With our value-for-money packages, you can easily expect to save almost 75% of the US prices. For the latest prices and special announcements (if applicable), fill our online quote form.

What is Eye Evisceration?

  • Eye evisceration refers to ophthalmic surgical procedure in which the internal contents of the eye are removed barring the white of the eye and the muscles that help in its movement.
  • This is followed by replacing the contents of the eye with an orbital implant.
  • The procedure does not involve removal of the complete eyeball. Complete removal of the eyeball is known as enucleation.
  • Some of the reasons which warrant surgical removal of the eye are:
    • To treat pain in the blind eye caused by increased pressure or inflammation
    • To improve the appearance (cosmesis) of a blind eye which may have shrunken in size
    • To treat a severely infected eye
  • In case the patient has a tumor, enucleation will be more suitable an option.

About Tijuana

  • To enter Tijuana, you will have to cross the San Ysidro Port of Entry.
  • This border crossing also happens to be the busiest in the world.
  • The port of entry is open 24*7.
  • A valid passport is compulsory for Americans to enter Mexico.
  • The city is served by its own international airport – General Abelardo L. Rodtríguez International Airport (IATA: TIJ).
  • The Mexican border city experiences pleasant climates throughout the year.
  • The Avenida Revolucion is the core tourist area; the border town is also famous for its bullfight arenas.

Language Tips

We know the importance of seamless communication without any language barriers. Hence, we work with English-speaking medical professionals. However, since you will be in a country where Spanish is the lingua franca, there are always chances of you encountering language impediments. To avoid these, you can always keep a list of the following commonly used Spanish words and phrases:

  • Hello – Hola
  • Goodbye – Adios
  • Yes – Si
  • No – No
  • Thank You – Gracias
  • Please – Por Favor
  • I don’t understand – No entiendo
  • How much is this? – ¿Cuánto cuesta esto…?
  • Help! – ¡Socorro!
  • Do you speak English? – Habla usted Inglés

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