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Hemicolectomy in Mexico

Hemicolectomy is the medical term for the removal of the left or right portion of the colon, and is a common treatment option for those suffering from colon cancer. Worrying about finances is the last thing you want if you need a surgical procedure for colon cancer, but by having a hemicolectomy in Mexico you […]

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Fibroid Tumor Surgery Mexico

Fibroid tumor surgery in Mexico is a cost-saving option for patients from the USA and Canada who have no medical insurance or simply cannot afford paying hefty medical bills for the surgery in their home country. Americans make up 30%-35% of the patients in many Mexican hospitals, according to an article by Tina Peng published […]

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Oncology Center – Chihuahua – Mexico

The picture shows the sitting area in a leading oncology center in Chihuahua, Mexico. Cancer clinics in Mexico, provide a wide range of effective cancer treatments.

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Alternative Cancer Treatment in Mexico

Many cancer-diagnosed patients around the world are financially and emotionally suppressed. A number of them consider looking for low cost solutions to get respite from this debilitating condition. Alternative cancer treatment in Mexico is becoming a widely preferred option of those seeking cost-effective and unconventional therapies that can be successfully combined with an exhilarating travel […]

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Cancer Clinics in Mexico

Mexico, known for its rich culture and delicious cuisine is rarely seen as a cancer treatment destination. However, there are numerous cancer clinics in Mexico, especially along its northern border, which provide a wide array of effective therapies to combat this dreaded disease. It might be difficult to find such alternate cancer therapies in other […]

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Mexico Cancer Center

Modern, high tech cancer centers in Mexico have emerged as reliable treatment options for people who cannot afford the costly treatment of cancer in their own home countries and are open to the idea of traveling to another country for availing low cost therapy. Many cancer hospitals in Mexico¬†especially cater to the needs of medical […]

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