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Breast Enlargement in Cancun, Mexico

Claire from England talks about her breast enlargement surgery in Cancun.

Following is the video narration:

“My name is Claire; I am originally from England. I’ve been living in Cancun for around six years now; I love it.

“Yeah, I had my breasts enlarged, and I had almost nothing before, now I have something. I wanted something more of a natural look, more of what my body should have, more than what it did have. And now I think I got it I am really happy with my result.

“I am doing what’s called lipomax. It’s like massages, but used with laser and heat, and it helps like to remove fat in areas that you don’t want—it’s kind of like liposuction, but non-invasive, like massage is really how massage is, and it just breaks up the fat in your body in little areas that you can’t get by exercising. So I do that like on the top of my thighs and my lower back, and infact it is staying really good. I am like half-way through now, so I still have the other half of my sessions to go.

“Well, I chose this clinic because I have four of my friends that have done this surgery here—they all take breast enlargement too—and out of the four of them, it was a good experience for them. They had almost no pain, they were taken care of really well, and the number-one thing for me was the results—they all were a hundred per cent happy with their results, of course I have seen them as well, so I was happy with the way that it turned out, with the scarring is very minimal, everything that they asked for, that’s what they got, and that’s what I was looking for.

“I actually didn’t check any other places because I was confident just to come just to this one because of my four other friends that had procedures here.

“In the UK, I am not quite sure of the prices in the UK, but I am pretty sure with the price that I paid here, I probably could have only done one boob in the UK, which is not something that everybody wants.  The cost for me was really good, it’s thirty-eight thousand five hundred, I got a little bit of a better deal because I was doing two procedures in once—I did my boobs and I did my lipomax. So, in total was fifty-four thousand pesos, which would probably work out to around four thousand eight hundred dollars, something like that, that’s for the boobs and two areas of my body that I am doing twelve sessions of massages. So, it was a really good deal.

“And actually, I am paying less than the other four girls before me.”

Apart from the above mentioned procedure, you may also travel to Guadalajara for breast reduction, or to Tijuana for breast lift. Mexico Health can assist you choose the procedure and location of your preference.

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