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“Why I Chose Gastric Sleeve Over Stomach Plication” – An American Patient in Mexico

The video shows Diana giving her rationale to choosing gastric sleeve in Tijuana – Mexico over stomach plication.



Narration – “Doctor explained to me that plication takes longer for you to lose your weight, you know to reach your goal. And I wanted not a fast fix because it’s not a fast fix, but I wanted something, how can I explain that? That it has no return because plication is reversible surgery and gastric sleeve, it is not.

So, I knew that I needed something that it was, you know, that’ll end of the road, something so determined for me to continue with a new life”

That was a patient’s perspective on gastric sleeve vs. gastric plication debate. It is also observed that people are confused between gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass. The Cancun surgeon’s interview throws a light on these procedures.

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