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Eye Surgery Center Mexico

This video discusses the US certified Ophthalmologists working at the Eye Center in Mexico.


Video Narration:

“The surgery is performed in terms of a cataract surgery, in terms of laser vision correction like LASIK , Vitrectomy, retinal detachment repairs, lasers for the retina , those are all performed by physicians including myself that are certified in the United States. Myself… I am certified in three countries, I am certified in United States, I am certified in Canada, and I am certified in Mexico, so qualifications are top notch. ..my partner are trained in Harvard university in retina diseases.

She is certified in  U.S and Mexico and she performs ….mostly Vitrectomies, retinal detachment repair. All the members of the team are certified by the certifying organization of Mexico. All the members of the team like glaucoma specialist, or they are specialist in …., they perform surgeries for eyelids like Blepharoplasty, they perform surgeries …., such as tumors or …….. I get patients from Mexico and the United States and some from Great Britain and some from Canada. In terms of patients from Mexico, I get patients from all over the country, we have a large ……..Patients coming from Mexico city, which is a big city as you all know.

Patients are referred to us from Mexico City, from Guadalajara, from all over California. Chihuahua from all over California, from Northern California, San Francisco, Modesto, we get many patients referred from Nevada, Las Vegas, from States in the east coast, such as from New York we get patients, we get patients from Florida from mid west like from Chicago, so we have a broad base of referral. We get some patients from Canada, from Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver and we get some patients from Great Britain as well. ”

Many patients from the US & Canada consider Eye Surgeries  like  Cataract Surgery or Lasik Surgery in Mexico as they are priced significantly low compared to the Northern neighbors.

Mexico Health facilitates affordable medical treatments at various quality hospitals in Mexico. For more information, please submit the estimate-request form on the right.


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