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Adult Stem Cells and Autologous Transplant in Mexico

The video shows a leading stem cells therapy expert explaining the difference between adult and autologous stem cell transplant. He also discusses his reasons for preferring autologous over adult stem cells transplant. In another video, this stem cell specialist from Mexico shares his expertise.

Narration – “It is the amount of cells…if you go on and buy stem cells in a little bottle you will get may be 5 million, 20 million. You wanna give more of those you will have a reaction, the white cells reaction, and it’s a terrible reaction, you can die from that reaction and the blood reaction, the white cell reaction, I can remember…but it’s more of an epileptic shock, you just can’t go to certain number that your body can’t admit from another human being even though if they’re matching.

But the autologous, after you harvest those, you differentiate those…you can go to any amount that you can produce in your own body. That’s the big difference. Maybe I’m just telling you this, I’m giving back to the patient more than 500 million, and maybe it’s a 1000. And the amount is what makes a big difference because they’re able to repair, because they’re ready to repair, they have already the information of the brand new cell on the mitochondria or on…they will go on and repair the organ that is damaged.

…another factor, like, how we’re going to produce information in that organ that we’re trying to repair. We have little tricks; if he was mentioned in, I’m sorry, prostaglandins for eye inflammation and then stem cells can go on to repair that. We use osmotic diuretic called Mannitol, we give it to the patient half an hour before we do the infusion of the stem cells that opens the brain blood barrier and that irritates the little bit the brain and stem cells can penetrate and we find the tissue that is inflamed and they will help to repair. We have different protocol of treatment, different systems that can help us to produce a little information phenomenon that can help our stem cells to go and repair because stem cells go and repair any tissue that has an information processing.

But as far…the amount of cells we’re giving back to our patients to the ones that you can buy and besides that we’ll never know what is it that they supply to us, because they could be frozen too much, they don’t have the proper way to send it back to us even though they have parameds or whatever, you know. We don’t know what we’re buying, we don’t know what we’re giving to the patients, we don’t know if they we’re manufactured. I like to use your own body, this is my rotocol treatment.”

In another video, the doctor discusses the importance of carrying reports for stem cell therapy in Mexico.

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