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Good Candidate for Hip Replacement – Tijuana Orthopedic Surgeon

Watch this video in which a highly experienced orthopedic surgeon in Tijuana talks about the candidature for partial and total hip replacement surgery. The surgeon is an International Member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons – AAOS and other prestigious organizations.


Video Narration:

…We can perform knee replacement in people around 40-35 years. Sometimes we can do it younger people in that age. But well, people who need to move or need to work these are very good candidate for hip replacement. When their problem is very  painful that normal…can’t relieve the pain, it is very recommendable that to complete a set of x-rays and sometimes MRI in order to diagnose exactly the grade of arthritis but we can perform different kinds of knee replacements. 

We can replace only the tibia component or the femur component with knee cap in both conditions, one of them, we prefer to conserve it in the partial hip replacement, not total. The total replacement  is indicated in patients with grade 4 or 5. There is no other option. It replicates completely for the patient to perform all kinds of activities including some of sports activities. ”

Hip replacement in the Mexican border town of Tijuana can help you easily cut 60%-70% of the US prices. The border town’s proximity to San Diego, CA makes it an ideal destination for orthopedic patients looking to get relief from hip pain not very far from their home country.

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