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Gastric Bypass Eligibility – Mexico Bariatric Surgeon

The video shows a leading gastric bypass surgeon from Tijuana, Mexico talk about the eligibility for gastric bypass procedure.


Narration of the video

“Gastric bypass is an excellent procedure and is a gold standard…but in the best patient that we can offer this procedure is in the obese people with diabetes…because…another bariatric procedure is going to cost the symptoms of…and with gastric bypass is going to cure the obesity…and diabetes is going to improve or in some cases it is going to cure.”

Today, Mexico is at the epicenter of medical tourism. Thanks to its surgeons who are accomplishing feats of sorts by taking up newer and challenging procedures such as thyroidectomy in Mexico.  Increased medical tourism activity along US Mexico border is adding to the wealth of surgical experience. Contrary to popular belief, Mexico is not unsafe to travel. The recent regime change has promised a safer Mexico. The gang wars could very well become a thing of the past very soon.

Revitalize your vital stats with gastric bypass in Mexico. Contact us for a smooth medical trip to Mexico or other countries. It’s as easy as filling up a form to your right.

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