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Surgeon Explains Brachioplasty in Mexico

The video shows a plastic surgeon from Mexico explaining brachioplasty, also known as arms lift surgery, and who should consider getting it.

Narration of the video

“Arm lift, most of the times, is for patients who gained some weight and already have lost that weight, could be patients with bariatric surgery or patients who lost some weight and the skin is loose and we have to take that loos skin and reshape, that is an arm lift. Of course in that surgery we leave a very big scar as well but reshaping is very nice, so it’s no change of saggy skin for the scar but that is they have to think about it and choose what they want to have.”

Another problem area for patients who lose weight rapidly after bariatric procedures is the thighs. It is not unusual to see strech marks and folds of loose skin in such patients. For this reason, clients also go for thigh lift in Mexico. The reason why Mexico is so popular with medical tourists is its proximity and uncompromising facilities at its hospitals. The hospitals in Mexico are at par with those in the US, if not better. Moreover, Mexico appeals to the wanderlust in people for there are many an intriguing sights to see here.

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