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Orthopedic Surgeon – Ciudad Juarez, Mexico on Arthroscopic Ankle Joint Surgery

This video shows a leading orthopedic surgeon from Mexico talking about arthroscopic ankle joint surgery.


Following is the video narration.

“The ankle joint is also …to a lot of stress being a bearing joint. The problems that we generally find there is joint wear arthritis and instability. People who have gone through ankle sprains, under repetitive occasions may have a recurrent instability. So what we do on the ankle is ankle arthroscopy to evaluate the articular structures. Sometimes we will find something there that can be addressed entirely arthroscopic and if there is an instability sometimes we do need a reconstruction of the ligaments that give stability to the ankle so that are joint preserving procedures, that we generally do on the ankles.

When we have a patient with a severe joint arthritis, the procedure that we mostly do is a joint fusion, an ankle fusion. Upto, in our experience here in Juarez, we have seen that the overall prognosis is better with a well done ankle fusion than with the joint replacement of the ankle. There is still a lot to see on the ankle replacement and ……advances in the future but right now what’s given us better is ..ankle fusion and that’s with the aim to eliminate pain.

We have had some patients that can’t do their regular activities due to pain. After the fusion they regain their normal activities and can go back to work as they were used to. So those are the procedures that we do on the ankle.”

In Mexico, ankle bone grafting or any other ankle surgery is offered at an affordable cost. The surgeon in the video specializes in orthopedic surgeries and has been treating patients from all over the world.


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