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Dental Crowns Cancun – Mexico

A great smile is hard to achieve if one has missing teeth. That can easily be fixed with quality dental prosthetics such as crowns, but some people tend to shy away from them due to their high costs. This, however, is not true with dental crowns in Cancun – Mexico. The cost of dental crowns in Cancun can be up to 50% less than what one will have to pay in the United States, Canada, and other First World countries.

This is why every year, thousands of Americans and Canadians choose to avail of cheap yet quality dental care in Mexico and return home with a smile on their countenances and extra money in their pockets.

Just how important is a great smile? According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% of Americans consider smile as an important social asset. However, many dental insurance plans in the US only offer partial coverage for majority of the dentistry procedures and follow-ups, so low dental work cost in Cancun is a very attractive deal for most Americans.

What are Dental Crowns?

  • Dental crowns, also known as caps, are tooth replacements put in place to cover the healthy remains of a damaged, fractured, stained, or decayed tooth. Dental tourists can expect to get good quality dental crowns in Cancun for a fraction of the price chargeable for them in the USA and Canada.
  • Dental crowns are also used to anchor a permanent dental bridge, making the bridge stronger than natural teeth.
  • When planning for a teeth restoration in Cancun, patients can choose from a variety of aesthetic materials, such as porcelain, ceramic, and metal.
  • According to a study by FJ Burke and PS Lucarotti entitled “Ten-year outcome of crowns placed within the General Dental Services in England and Wales”, published in the January 2009 edition of The Journal of Dentistry, full coverage all-metal crowns last longer before re-intervention than metal ceramic and all-ceramic crowns.

Dental Crowns Prices in Cancun

Even after factoring in travel and accommodation expenses, dental crown prices in Cancun are still amazingly lower than what they cost in the US, Canada, parts of Europe, Australia and other First World countries. Two reasons for this are the comparatively lower cost of living in Mexico and the country’s efforts to compete in the dental tourism arena. This also rings true for all other kinds of dental work, such as full mouth restoration and same day implants in Cancun.

Getting More with Dental Crowns in Cancun – Mexico

  • As mentioned earlier, dental work in Cancun is way cheaper than getting treated in the developed countries of the world.
  •  The leading clinics and hospitals in Mexico have accreditation from the JCI and ISO and provide state-of-the-art facilities.
  • You can expect renowned and competent dentists in Mexico to oversee your treatment. Many of them have received their degrees and trained at reputable institutions in the US and Europe.
  • A large influx of overseas patients to the country ensures that the leading dental facilities in Mexico are very accommodating to the needs of overseas patients.
  • Mexico’s proximity to the United States further ensures that Americans get the best bang for their buck. Americans can save substantially on travel costs and time by getting crowns, bridges, and dental implants in Mexico rather than in some other value-for-money medical tourism destination which might be half a world away from them.
  • A trip for availing dental crowns in Cancun can easily double as an R and R experience. Forget everything about your procedure by traipsing on the golden sands of the lovely beaches and swimming with dolphins. Put your haggling skills to test and avail cool bargains at Market 28. Be a part of a jeep safari – who knows, you might stumble upon a chest full of Mayan treasures.

Availing Teeth Crowns in Cancun – Tips for Dental Tourists

Here are a few pointers to make your tour for teeth restoration in Cancun a smooth one:

  • American citizens are required to carry a valid passport or passport card to enter Mexico.
  • Canadian citizens do not need a visa for a stay of less than 72 hours within 20-30 kilometers from the US border.
  • Make all the necessary research first on the best dental clinics and dentists, hotels, transportation services and tourist spots in Cancun before heading to this city to maximize your time and avoid any hassles.
  • Always prioritize safety. During your stay for getting dental crowns in Cancun, avoid crowded places where pickpockets might be lurking, as well as remote places, especially during nighttime.
  • Stay away from street foods and drink only bottled water to avoid gastric troubles.
  • It’s advisable to arrange for a taxi with your hotel to avoid drivers who take advantage of tourists.
  • To make your trip more convenient and fun, learn a few Spanish phrases that you can use to tackle linguistic impediments, if any, when out on the street.

Getting dental crowns in Cancun will give you a nice set of teeth, huge savings, and a wonderful travel experience.

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