Surgeons in Mexico

Surgeons in Mexico attract a significant number of patients from all over the world due to their inclination to charge a lot less than medical specialists in the US and Europe. Many health insurance providers don’t cover all expenses related to surgical procedures, especially when it comes to plastic surgery solutions or eye surgery needs. That’s why numerous patients tend to search for more affordable medical solutions in a country other than their own. Many of them choose to consult surgeons in Mexico due to their expertise and a friendly approach.

surgeons-in-mexicoPlastic surgeries, orthopedic surgeries, and bariatric procedures such as gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico are quite popular with people from overtaxed healthcare systems such as that in the US. As per statistics compiled by Deloitte Center for Health Solutions in the report “Medical Tourism: Update and Implications” (2009), nearly 750,000 Americans traveled to medical tourism destinations for treatments in 2007.

Further as per this report, the number of outbound medical tourists is expected to reach 1.6 million by 2012. The opportunity to get treated by  experienced doctors in Mexico at costs much lower than in the first world countries is what prompts people to go for eye surgeries, cancer treatments and plastic surgeries such as liposuction in Mexico.

Advantages of Choosing a Surgeon in Mexico

  • According to the World Health Organization, the Mexican healthcare system is ranked 61 in the world, and is considered one of the fastest-growing medical markets in the globe.
  • Surgeons in Mexico charge a lot less than what their counterparts in the United States, Canada and Europe charge.
  • Doctors in Mexico are highly-specialized, reputable professionals, most of whom have been trained in the US due to Mexico’s geographical proximity. Doctors in Tijuana have a large number of Californians as clients.
  • One can avail discount surgeries in Mexico. Living expenses in Mexico are quite low as compared to those in the first world countries. This is the primary reason behind the massive cost difference of surgeries in Mexico and in the developed other countries.
  • Pharmacies in Mexico charge a lot less for medications produced by internationally-recognized companies. This factor additionally contributes to decreasing patients’ medical costs.
  • Americans and Canadians can further cut down on their travel costs by choosing to get treated by doctors in Mexico.
  • Mexico is home to numerous world class hospitals. The best Mexican hospitals are equipped with sophisticated technologies and offer personalized care.
  • Even the top hospitals in Mexico don’t require patients to get enrolled in long waiting list before being able to get an appointment with a Mexican medical specialist. Be it knee replacement in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua or facelift surgery in Cancun, irrespective of the procedure and place, patients get timely medical attention in Mexico.
  • Medical tourism in Mexico has been growing in leaps and bounds in the past years, with many patients remaining highly satisfied with the expertise and attention of Mexican surgeons.
  • Mexico is an exotic travel destination known for its warm climate and a friendly population. Combining an affordable medical solution with a fascinating travel adventure may be an appealing option for the seekers of both practical solutions and pleasant travel experiences.

Tips for Finding the Right Surgeons in Mexico

  • angel-of-hope-and-messenger-of-peacePatients willing to find a doctor in Mexico are advised to conduct a thorough research on the credibility of the hospital they are planning to attend and the specialization of the doctor they are willing to consult. Mexico Health can assist you in identifying reliable health care providers in this Latin American country.
  • Methods of payment should be verified. The top hospitals in Mexico gladly accept credit card payments. However, it’s always useful to have sufficient amount of cash on you.
  • It’s advisable to track information on user forums, read hospital reviews and explore patient feedback regarding surgery in Mexico, in order to properly evaluate the medical professional you are interested in consulting.
  • If you want to know whether the Mexican surgeon you intend to visit has been board-certified in the US, you can check the American Board of Medical Specialties website.

If you want to find an affordable, yet an effective and an exciting solution for all your surgery needs, resorting to the services of a surgeon in Mexico may be the right option. You will significantly cut your costs, enjoy an exotic travel adventure, and benefit from personalized medical care.


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