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Knee Replacement Tijuana – Mexico

If you’re considering a knee replacement in Tijuana, Mexico, you might initially be enticed solely by reports of low costs. After all, if you’re opting for either partial or total knee surgery in Mexico you can generally save between 30%-40% when compared with countries such as the USA and Canada. However, the cost of knee replacement in Mexico isn’t the only attractive feature of selecting this choice when making your surgery decisions. Good facilities, high standards of care and the option of a post-surgery vacation all make it an appealing proposition.

Knee Replacement – An Overview

knee-replacement-in-tijuana-1Knee replacement or arthroplasty is often recommended for patients with pain or disability from arthritis, osteoarthritis or some form of injury. Depending on the severity of the damage, knee replacement can either be partial or total. Essentially, the operation requires that the damaged part of the knee is removed and replaced with metal or plastic parts which function in the same manner as the original. Severe damage to your knee joints can make movement difficult and extremely painful. If more conservative approaches have failed, then many turn to surgery to alleviate this debilitating condition.

Benefits of Knee Replacement in Tijuana, Mexico

  • The biggest benefit for many is that knee surgery cost in Mexico is considerably lower than in most of the developed world. This is not due to a decline in standards, but mainly because of a lower cost of living.
  • There are a number of hospitals in Tijuana, Mexico which offer state of the art facilities, internationally trained and renowned surgeons and friendly staff. Many can be researched prior to your visit so that you can ensure the quality of care that you require.
  • Hospital staff members are usually fluent in English and therefore there should be no need to worry about communication during your stay.
  • Waiting lists tend to be considerably shorter than countries such as the UK, USA and Canada. This is a significant concern for knee-replacement-in-tijuana-2people wishing to alleviate their condition as quickly as possible.
  • Transport links to Tijuana are good. There is an International Airport which is a short distance from the downtown area – buses or authorized taxis are available to make the trip. Tijuana is also at a reasonable distance from the Californian border and is less than 20 miles from downtown San Diego.
  • If you have the time and the inclination, Tijuana makes an excellent holiday destination. Following your surgery, you might like to check out the diverse cuisine, sites of historic interest and bustling markets.

Knee Replacement in Tijuana, Mexico – Things to Consider

  • Recovering from a total knee replacement should take between 3-7 days and generally requires physiotherapy in the weeks that follow. If you require bilateral knee replacement in Mexico, surgery is either carried out on both knees at once or individually on different days. Check whether recuperation time is included in your quotation price.
  • During your initial recuperation period, movement may be challenging so you might want to bring a companion for assistance. In addition, you may also require walking aids such as sticks, crutches or a walking frame.
  • As with any procedure, there are certain risks associated with treatment. Therefore, if you decide to proceed with arthritis knee surgery in Mexico, you should discuss this fully with your surgeon.
  • When you’re considering your surgery, research is critical. There are numerous facilities and surgeons who can carry out your knee surgery in Mexico; patient experience may offer you some useful insight into what to expect.

Tips for Traveling to Tijuana, Mexico

  • Ensure that you have all the documentation that you require for traveling and staying in Mexico.
  • If you’re worried about traveling to Tijuana, you can check out the latest traveler alerts from your local government agency. Serious crime is less prevalent in tourist areas, although you should be cautious of beggars and pickpockets.
  • English is widely spoken and US dollars are also accepted; Spanish is the native language and pesos are the official currency.
  • Tijuana is one of Mexico’s most visited border towns and travel and accommodation are generally cheaper during off-peak seasons.
  • If you happen to be from New Mexico or Texas, you also have the option of undergoing knee replacement in Ciudad Juarez, a Mexican border town located only about 10 miles from El Paso.

Joint pains can incapacitate a person and trim down the overall quality of life. If you want to get rid of your knee pain, but fear the surgeon’s demand for payment, you may consider low cost knee replacement in Tijuana, Mexico.


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