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Implant Dentist Tijuana – Education and Experience

The video shows an implant dentist from Tijuana talking about his education and experience. The dentist has been in practice for over 4 decades and has served hundreds of clients. With the steep prices of sophisticated dental treatments in the US and Canada, many people seek affordable dental care in Mexico. The low-cost of dental implants in Tijuana, Mexico is a big draw for people on the other side of the border, who cannot afford these in their local clinics.

Narration – “See I have been a dentist for 45 years. I graduated from National…University of Mexico in 1967… and I have been practicing in Tijuana, I have three locations and we, I say we because of the people that work with me, other dentists and I work as a…for medical dental insurance companies.

“I’m a dental consultant for Mexico for American…plus I’m a provider for them. I work mostly with insurances such Metlife, Cigna, Signature Plan and several other companies, American insurance companies…Cigna.

“Plus Mexican patients that have been…many years, I work a lot with unions, I worked for many years with Iron workers. I do prosthetics, oral rehabilitation and porcelain, fixed bridge, we do removable, we do total, like, full plates and we do partials, we do partially rigid and we use flexible, flexible such as Megaflex, we used to do Valplast but lately I don’t like Valplast because changes the color. So Megaflex is a much better material same like a full plate.”

Such highly experienced implant dentists in Tijuana are able to deliver the quality of services that is at par with international standards, and consequently have large volumes of clients from different parts of the world. Tijuana is in close proximity to the US border, which further makes it an attractive destination for dental tourists.

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