Clavicle Repair in Mexico

clavicle-repairClavicle repair in Mexico is a low cost surgical option for treating fractured clavicle or collarbone. Even if you require a more complicated surgery such as reverse shoulder replacement – Mexico has highly competent orthopedic surgeons and first-class hospitals to take care of you, minus the outrageously high medical bills.

According to Medscape, about 30 to 60 cases of clavicular injuries occur per 100,000 people every year, with a 2:1 male-to-female ratio. Clavicle fracture is the most common pediatric bone injury, especially in children aged 7 years and below.

Overview of Clavicle Fracture and Repair

Here are some pointers for those planning to take advantage of low cost collarbone repair surgery in Mexico:

  • Causes / Risks
    • A direct blow to the shoulder during a fall or a car crash or any other accident
    • A fall onto an outstretched arm or onto a shoulder
    • People with poor bone health due to low calcium and Vitamin D intake are more prone to clavicular fracture
  • Symptoms of a broken collarbone include pain and/or swelling in the upper extremity, nausea and/or poor vision caused by extreme pain, a deformity or bump around the injured area, bruising and tenderness over the collarbone.
  • For mild cases of collarbone injury, nonsurgical treatments, such as arm support, pain medication and physical therapy may already prove sufficient.
  • Surgical treatment may be required when the collarbone has been dislocated. Plates and screws are used to reposition the collarbone back to its normal alignment.
  • After the surgery, the patient must undergo physical therapy to help restore the movement and strength of the shoulder.

How much will the Surgery Cost?

Depending on the extent of the injury, the cost of repairing a fractured collarbone can be very high, especially in First World countries like the United States. This is not the case with broken clavicle surgery in Mexico.

American patients who choose to undergo the procedure here will cut their medical costs by about 50%. What’s more, medical tourists may also avail of affordable treatment packages and never have to worry about their travel and accommodation expenses and additional charges for consultations and medications. Same is true for other orthopedic and spine surgeries in major Mexican cities, such as hip replacement in Ciudad Juarez, arthroscopic back surgery in Mexicali, and spine surgery in Tijuana.

Collarbone Repair  – Why You Should Go For It

a-tijuana-hospital-for-clavicle-surgeryWe’ve established the fact that collarbone fracture surgery in Mexico will fit your budget. But there’s more to it.

  • With the low collarbone surgery cost in Mexico come world-class accommodation and healthcare services at leading JCI-accredited hospitals. The standards of quality and sanitation at leading healthcare facilities in the country are at par with those found in the US.
  • Bone surgeries require high expertise, a quality that many orthopedic surgeons in Mexico possess. Many renowned bone and spine surgeons here also boast of international training and certification.
  • Because thousands of patients from the US, Canada and other developed countries visit this Latin American country for medical and aesthetic treatments every year, doctors and hospital staff here had to be well versed in the English language to remove the communication barrier with their foreign patients.
  • A lot of American patients prefer to come here also because of the shorter travel distance from the US, further cutting their travel expenses. Ciudad Juarez is just across the border from El Paso, Texas, while Tijuana is the closest Mexican city to San Diego, California.
  • Clavicle fixation procedure in Mexico can be easily scheduled with minimal or no waiting time at all, unlike in high-income countries.
  • This tourism hub is one of the best summer vacation spots in the world because of its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and delectable cuisine.

Some Tips for Medical Tourists

  • Your priority should be to find a health facility and orthopedic surgeon with excellent feedback from previous patients.
  • Before going to any foreign country for a medical treatment, make sure to prepare all the necessary travel documents and bring a copy of your medical records.
  • Learn some basic travel dos and don’ts before undertaking a medical trip to the county to ensure a safe, hassle-free, and fun time with your loved ones during your stay there.

Clavicle repair in Mexico gives financially-challenged patients a chance to return to their normal activities and lead their lives sans pain.


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