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Carpel Tunnel Syndrome & Ganglion Cyst Removal Surgery in Mexico

This video by a leading orthopedic surgeon in Mexico discusses about carpel tunnel syndrome and ganglion cyst removal surgery in Mexico.



Following is the video narration.

“The hand procedures that we most commonly do here is the carpel tunnel procedure, liberation, and the ganglion cyst resection. These are 2 procedures that are done, as an outpatient basis we can do this with regional and local anaesthesia and the recovery is immediately after the surgery and the patient can leave to their home or their wherever they are staying. These are procedures that are indicated when the patient is experiencing pain and difficulty to do their functional activities so these are the most common procedures on hand.”

The surgeon specializes in orthopedic surgeries like knee replacement, hip replacement and shoulder reconstruction. With the latest technology at Mexico hospitals and highly skilled surgeons, many people consider it as their treatment destination. With the quality treatment, one can also avail discount surgeries in Mexico.

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