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Hip Replacement Surgery Types & Indications – Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

This video shows a leading orthopedic surgeon in Mexico discussion about the indications and types of hip replacement surgery.


Following is the video narration.

“In hip replacement it’s as the knee replacement, the indications for this procedure are the wear of the cartilage of the hip joint. We have had the opportunity to do some training in hip surgery in Baltimore, Maryland. And we have a lot of experience here from our lots of patients because it’s one of the …. conditions that we see in our office – the joint wear.

As it happens with the knee we just need to replace a worn out surface with the brand new surface that’s smooth again and that’s what eliminates pain. Hip replacement procedure is specifically is very noble, in the means that the patient will stop having pain immediately after the surgery. The patient really notices the difference once the joint replacement has been done. We generally as we do with the knee replacement. We take the sutures off, 2-3 weeks after the surgery and that’s when we start with the intensive rehab program but still the patient that gets operative for hip replacement is also going to start moving out walking right after the surgery.

There are different types of hip replacement such as we have a cemented hip replacement which we use on older patients and we have the non-cemented hip replacement, that’s what we use on the younger patients. The non-cemented, it’s aim is to preserve as much bone as we can so that in further times if there is a need of doing the revision, we have a good bone stalk to work on. So there are different types of joint replacements.

But mainly the indication as it is in the knee replacement, is to eliminate the pain which is the main reason why the patient is coming to us.”

Mexico hospitals are well equipped with the cutting edge technology. The surgeons are highly skilled and treatment cost is much affordable than the western countries. No wonder why patients across the globe are flying down to Mexico for plastic surgeries, bariatric surgeries, dental and other medical treatments.

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