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Types of Dental Caps and Crowns in Tijuana

The video shows an experienced cosmetic dentist from Tijuana going over dental crowns and caps. Tijuana is an emerging hub for low cost dental tourism. This dentist from Tijuana is also a dental veneer specialist.


Narration – “When a tooth, you have your natural tooth in really bad shape, it means that because of the cavity, it’s broken, fractured, or really has too many fillings and a filling really won’t do the job. The best thing to do is a crown.

A crown will establish again the health of the tooth and the function. What we need is to have the tooth be able to function again as a tooth. And for that the best sometimes, depending on the case, a crown is the best answer…and we do crowns, we do porcelain crowns and in porcelain crowns you have three different metals, it’s regular metal, noble metal and high noble metal; all depends on the case and what the patient wants.

Also, we do …means we do crowns with no metal and high quality, we do empress, we do all these materials there are. We do the porcelain crowns with no metal. Usually, I like to them in the front teeth from cuspid to cuspid…if the teeth are bridged, a posterior bridge, I like to do with metal because it will give me more confidence that if the patient has very hard bite, it will really be better for the patient to have a porcelain bridge that is with metal too. But, sometimes, if there are not too many problems, I can pick porcelain with no metal.

Now, we use porcelain, we use high quality porcelain, Ceramico, most of the times and there is…it’s a very high quality metal. We use the best materials because, I like patient to be very happy and result is to have besides the physiology, tooth to go back and again do the function; beauty, beuty is important but that’s what we try to do.

We give a guarantee of 5 years. Remember, I don’t do the crowns, it’s a laboratory, but I’m responsible. What I’m responsible is the tooth underneath, your own tooth, I’m responsible because, if I decide to do a crown or to use that tooth as an abutment for a bridge, is my responsibility.

If I think that a tooth has a lot of problems, I’d rather do a root canal and then a post and then I do the crown. But regardless, it’s my responsibility, that the crown…the tooth inside is for me, it’s five years that there is no problem. Now, if the crown or the bridge, the porcelain breaks or something like that I would replace it in the…six months, why? If there is something wrong with the laboratory when they made the crown or the bridge, it will break right away. But, I still give guarantee, not quite often asked. The patient comes and we do a new bridge. That’s it! There is no “well, you know, it was your fault,” but not with me. Five years…tooth underneath, five months, six months, we can give it to the crown itself, the porcelain and metal, that they won’t break.

Like I say, sometimes it’s not even necessary for that because, there is a problem in manufacturing in the laboratory of the crown, it will break right away. But, I still give the patient six months, if something happens to the crown. I say again, to the tooth inside where I did abutment is only 5 years.”

Too old for crowns or veneers?  It is recommended you get dental implants surgery for old. Cancun, Tijuana and Los Algodones are some ideal destinations to get the procedure.

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