Patient Success Story – Gastric Plication in Mexico

Watch this video to see yet another weight loss success story in Mexico. This time, Diana speaks about her brother who underwent a painless, highly satisfying gastric plication surgery in Mexico.

Following is the video narration:

“He had a blast, you know. He says that he felt that he went to sleep, and woke up with a plication. He didn’t have any kind of pain; he says that it was like nothing. And I remember going to see him the day after the surgery, and he looks so good. And he says, “It feels like I wanna go home now”, you know. And it was only like couple of hours after the surgery. So, I said, “But you have to stay”, he had to stay two days at the hospital. So, he wanted to leave. But even now, he has no complications. He has lost twenty-six kilos by now.

“My brother has lost around sixty pounds, in about four months, five months. But yeah, for him it was a blast, you know. He had no complications, no pain at all! Not even, he says that he didn’t have any pain medication because he felt so good. He’s doing well, he’s doing so good. Even though there are two different surgeries, but for him, he had no problems.”

A long list of such satisfied patients can vouch for the high-quality treatment they received at our network hospitals in Mexico. A wide range of healthcare services — from bariatric surgeries to dental implants, to cosmetic surgery procedures are available to patients. These services are offered at an easily affordable price and in hospitals that match international standards, and boast of JCI accreditation. Moreover, the medical professional employed in our network hospitals are highly skilled people, with years of experience.

MexicoHealth offers high-quality bariatric surgeries in Cancun, Mexicali, Puerto Vallarta and Ciudad Juarez.

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