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Stem Cell Specialist in Mexico Shares his Expertise

The video shows a leading stem cell specialist from Mexico sharing the details of procedures he specializes in. in another video the doctor discusses the reports one should carry for stem cell therapy in Mexico.

Narration – “What I do is…transplant. What I do is bone marrow…stem cells that can help to repair any disease that is related to a chronic degenerative disease. I can, I am able to repair, so far I have been able to repair problems of the brain that have to do with degeneration of the brain that they have a…coz I told you before like immune problem that they go on attack their own…and they produce diseases like multiple sclerosis.

What I’m trying to do is mimic what is going on in the…you know when you have an experiment close to…and start producing the internal layers of the organs that I’m trying to give to a patient all the growth factors that will help physical and chemical at the time of the conception. What I do is buy most of the growth factors and I will be able to make cells to different cellular lines like, neural cells for the brain, cardiomyocytes for the heart, sometimes even you know, but I’m mostly doing work, i.e. cells to repair tissues that are related mostly with neural cells or brain cells like multiple sclerosis, like eye problems, like nerve situations on the optic nerve. But I have to find ways to supply the cells to that organ, that’s what is my experience here because…simple thing to put a needle into the eye, you’re irritating and when you do the stem cells that you put into the eye that you put across to the optic nerve, or you put across to the retina or you put across to the macula that is degenerated with special techniques. One is called…we put a hooked needle that will go across to the macula and through that you…inject the stem cells.

I can go up to more than 40 million stem cells and put across to the organ. Another way, and after that, I…rest of the cells, the cells that we have from your bone marrow, we put a…we count it with different techniques with different methodologies and they assure me that we are giving to the patients more than 500 million of their…we’re giving to the patients the stem cells that are ready to work. Another way to do their job is to…put the stem cells on the spine that is epidural space we call…space that is space you get the brain fluid, over there we put the cells that are more than 20 million, the cells will go straight to the brain and because in the ventricles where you produce the brain fluid, they don’t have…barrier, they diffuse into the brain tissue and then the rest of the cells and then the rest of the cells…they will go on and help to repair the cells that are really doing their job, you know on the brain…the stem cells…will go on and help the ones we already put through the spine and will help to do the job.”

Other than repairing brain degenerative diseases, also flourishing is the stem cells therapy for heart disease in Tijuana, Mexico.

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