Abdominoplasty – Tijuana, Mexico – Testimonial

This video testimonial talks about abdominoplasty in Tijuana, Mexico.



Following is the video narration.


” Yes, my name’s Trety. I am from California. I came to have some scar revision and just some abdominal plastic surgery. Actually I found it on the internet through an email that was sent out and, but the email was actually about gastric bypass or sleeve type of surgery. Then when I contacted I asked her what, you know what she thought for what it was what I wanted and we decided that wasn’t what I needed. This was the procedure which would best suit me.


So kind of helped guide through the whole process and just kind of explained you know, where everything was, how everything worked and so far everything has been exactly what I expected. I think a lot of times people in the US, the hospitals are a little bit more luxurious but that’s what you are paying so much for. I think it’s great. Here everybody has been very professional. Everything is exactly as I expected.  Because I lived closeby, I did fly. I flew down on an early flight this morning and I had about an hour and a half……and I called..as soon as I was in the baggage claim area where she asked me to be and then she immediately started helping connect myself and the other patients. We all found eachother outside.


They picked us up, drove us. It didn’t take that long to get here from the airport. Yes I had people……why are you going to other country, you know – is it safe? is it clean? How do you know?,.. you have never been there before but I felt that Lewis explained everything well. I did research it online. There were many many positive feedbacks, there were few negative ones as there are going to be with anything ……….you know……….look at it and use your own best judgement. You know I decided that after everything that I read, I felt that everything was represented adequately.”


Many plastic surgeons in Mexico hospitals are certified to perform surgeries in United States as well. They are highly skilled and internationally trained. The surgeries are offered at a much affordable cost than the western countries and the hospitals are well equipped with the cutting edge technology. These are some of the major reasons why people from across the globe are flocking to Mexico for plastic surgeries, dental surgeries, bariatric surgeries and other treatments.


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