Denture Implants in Cancun

Picture this. Thanksgiving dinner; kith and kin surrounded; turkey’s aroma wafts through your nostrils triggering the salivation of taste denture-implants-in-cancun-mexico_0buds. You try to suck in all that moisture, but damn it! The lowers have come loose on the platter! Sounds familiar? Time to consider snap on denture implants in Cancun, Mexico then!

And since you’re an unlikely candidate for full fledged dental implants, dentures implants in Cancun,  might be an alternative you can ponder over. “What’s the catch; what’s in for me?” we hear you saying. Read on to know more …

Snap-on Dentures – Features and Benefits

Cutting straight to the chase, these remarkable, mini dental implants in Mexico will eliminate all the discomfort and embarrassment by:

Staying in place, no matter what – Missing all your teeth? No problem, you could still get dentures with tooth implants in Cancun. But first, a periodontist will examine your teeth bone condition. If s/he gives a go-ahead, titanium implants shall be placed into your bone. These implants are smaller than the usual dental implants and have ball shaped ‘male’ attachments that snap into O-rings or ‘female’ receptors of overdentures. They are not as resilient as conventional dental implants but unlike them, they can be taken off at will. And you still would be able to bite into that Thanksgiving turkey! Forget sticky dental glues for good.

Not encroaching upon the palate – Since the new overdenture snaps right on the male abutments, unlike conventional dentures, the acrylic base does not impinge on the palate for stability. This has two advantages. One, the taste function is preserved. Two, there are no gaps for food to hide in; hence no foul smells emanating from your mouth.

Looking as natural as real – The overdenture is made from the finest of porcelain material which closely mimics natural teeth. But are they strong? Suffice to say, your overdentures are supposed to last long provided you take proper care of your dental hygiene and don’t smoke. According to a study by S. DeLuca and colleagues published in the September-October 2006 issue of The International Journal of Prosthodontics, “…Patients should be informed that they are at a slightly greater risk of implant failure if they smoke during cancun-mexico_1the initial healing phase following implant insertion or if they have a significant smoking history”.

Causing little or no pain– What is more irritating – constant adjustment of dentures or mild pain that lasts less than a week? Compared to traditional implants which may take three to six months to heal, mini implant supported snap-on dentures in Cancun take as long as a week to heal. Since the implants are drilled into the bone which has no nerve endings, the procedure is far less painful. Post-surgery, localized anesthesia shall numb the pain.

Why Opt for Full Teeth Implants in Cancun?

  • There are many advantages of getting dental care in Mexico, not the least of which is the denture implants price in this healthcare city in Quintana Roo. The cost of dentures fixed with implants in Cancun is quite competitive compared to the prices charged in other dental tourism hubs in Mexico such as Los Algodones and Tijuana.
  • At the leading dental clinics in Cancun, the standards of hygiene are global and professionalism of the doctors unrivalled.
  • You will find a number of dental experts for your snap-on dentures in Cancun who’ve received their education and undergone training in the US.
  • Moreover, the charm of an exotic vacation after your dental work in Cancun is too hard to resist. In this beach destination, rich culture smoothly blends with modernity. After the frenzy of the pulsating resort city’s nightclubs settles down, the slumbering morning air—slithering through the Mayan monuments and breaking at the Caribbean shores—restores balance and harmony.

Did you work too hard in your life? Yes? Then a week or so after you get your denture implants in Cancun could end up being one of the most memorable times of your life. And what’s more, the infectious smile that you import might as well uplift the mood at the table. The turkey awaits!
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