False Teeth Pegs in Mexico

Are you urgently in need of a dental implant? Getting false teeth pegs in Mexico could be a way to avoid an exorbitant treatment cost as well as to put a pretty smile on the face. Every year, thousands of people from the USA and Canada, travel to Mexico for dental care. For those who have made peace with the disturbing denture, it is time to know that better alternatives are available just across the border.

According to The American Dental Hygienists’ Association, 75% of Americans are estimated to be suffering from some type of periodontal disease. Those without insurance either bear the pain or travel to another destination, where they can get similar care for a much lesser price.

When it comes to teeth implants, Mexico is the destination of choice for many Americans and Canadians as the prices are far lesser and the distance is not too much. There are more than 190 non-stop flights operating weekly from major US cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Tucson.

About Dental Implants

  • What are Dental Implants? – Dental implants are metallic root devices generally made of titanium. They are used for supporting dental restorations that look like real teeth to restore missing teeth. If you want titanium pegs for dentures in Mexico, there are many accredited hospitals where you can get affordable treatments from.
  • Function – Oral implants work as an anchor to various dental prostheses like dentures, crowns or implant-supported bridges. Implants are also used for supporting partial and full dentures.
  • Suitable candidates – Your suitability will depend on several factors including oral and general health.
  • Success rate – The success rate largely depends on the achievement of implant stability. Other contributing factors include the oral hygiene of the patient, surgical procedures and post-surgical care. Read this success story about dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico for a fair idea.

Top Reasons to get Denture Pegs in Mexico

  • There are many reputed dental implant surgeons in Mexico, many of whom have got their specialization degrees from US. Thus patients who’ve undergone false teeth implants in Mexico have often appreciated of being in good hands.
  • Digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras, panoramic X-rays, and other modern equipment are used by our network dentists.
  • The cost of false teeth pegs in Mexico is almost 40%-60% lesser than the US prices. Although the prices are lesser, patients can expect most facilities that they would usually get in the US or Canada.
  • Safety measures adopted by this country are at par with American hospitals.
  • Shorter waiting lists and free evaluations for fake teeth pegs in Mexico are advantages that patients may not always get in USA and Canada.
  • You can also include dental treatments like cosmetic fillings and tooth whitening in combination to your main surgery for peg teeth in Mexico. Many foreign visitors opt for such combined packages for further discounts.
  • There are several destinations for false dental pegs in Mexico like Tijuana, Cancun, Juarez, Los Algodones, Guadalajara and Monterrey.
  • Despite Spanish being the main language in Mexico, many doctors are able to converse in English.
  • Be it for pharmaceuticals or post-implantation follow-ups for your pegs to keep dentures in place, Mexico, being so near, can be revisited as and when you need.
  • Since the cost of peg teeth implants in Mexico is much cheaper than that in America, you can use the savings to indulge in a wonderful sightseeing tour post treatment.

From people who have damaged or lost their teeth to smoking, accident or periodontal diseases to those having trouble biting or chewing food due to an unstable lower denture, a quality oral implant from certified dentists in Mexico is advisable to all.

Dental implants need meticulous planning and the procedure depends on factors like the bone quality and quantity and the patient’s medical history. If you want to get false teeth pegs in Mexico, you can start by discussing your case with one of our renowned dental professionals.

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