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Breast Implants in Mexico – Procedure and Types

This video shows a leading plastic surgeon from Mexico throws light on breast implants procedure.


Narration – “A Breast implant is a really really good surgery for patients who really need it and they are very satisfied, I would say 98% of the time. We do an opening to place an implant under the breast tissue. There are mostly, I would say, two different types of implants, this is saline or water feel or silicone feel. And, the ones that I prefer, I would say 99 per cent of my patients have silicone implants and the reason is because they feel better, more natural than the others and of course when the patients are in the bikini or on the beach sometimes when they have saline you can tell by the wrinkling and the rippling…in the upper part and silicone feel implants, they are more natural to the touch and of course you cannot tell if they have implants”

It’s not just breast augmentation that is finding takers in Mexico. Breast reduction in Cancun, Guadalajara and other Mexican cities is too picking up momentum. Mexico is also becoming increasingly safe to travel as the impetus of the current government is on making Mexico safer for not just Mexicans but foreign nationals alike. Currently, too many factors are in play in Mexico to make it the destination of choice with medical tourists.


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