Cosmetic Surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Recent advances in medicine are providing us with many options when it comes to decreasing or removing evidences of aging on our bodies. Cosmetic surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a great option for people who want to look and feel good without having to spend a lot of money on expensive hospitals and surgeons.

Plastic surgery in Mexico is helping push the country’s medical tourism industry to grow steadily, and it is usually the first choice of medical tourists from the US and Canada because of their excellent healthcare for low prices.

The Health Digital System stated that in the year 2009, Mexico earned an estimated $650 million from health tourism alone.

Why Get Cosmetic Surgery in Puerto Vallarta?

  • cosmetic-surgery-in-puerto-vallarta-mexicoPuerto Vallarta is very tourist-friendly, and it is popularly known to visitors as “the friendliest city in the world.” Tourists from all over the world visit it each year, but most tourists come from the US and Canada.
  • Puerto Vallarta cosmetic surgery procedures are performed by licensed and experienced surgeons, many of whom trained in the United States or Canada. Because of Mexico’s proximity to these countries, it is common to find doctors who trained or even studied medicine there.
  • Because it is frequented by tourists from all around the globe, many locals are able to speak some English. To further their health tourism efforts, medical centers in Puerto Vallarta hire staff members with decent English skills in order to be able to effectively communicate with international tourists.
  • The cost of laser cosmetic surgery in Puerto Vallarta – most like the cost of other procedures – is often around half of US and Canadian prices.
  • Many Mexican hospitals and cosmetic surgery centers are internationally-accredited, with their practicing surgeons affiliated with US plastic and cosmetic surgery associations. Because of this, tourists also flock to other Mexican cities – plastic surgery in Tijuana is also popular among visitors.

Traveling to Puerto Vallarta for Plastic Surgery

  • Puerto Vallarta is a very popular destination for both domestic and international tourists. For travelers this resort city is known as PVR. The local airport is officially called Lic. Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport and an estimated 73% of tourists who fly in come from other countries.
  • The PVR airport houses direct flights from major US cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, and Seattle, as well as commercial and chartered flights from western Canadian cities. An average flight from Los Angeles, California to Puerto Vallarta takes around 2.5 hours.
  • Guadalajara, Mexico, also one of Mexico’s major medical tourism destinations, is around 3 hours away by road. Some tourists who visit Puerto Vallarta for aesthetic surgery also take some time to visit Guadalajara to see their famous historical buildings with beautiful architecture – some of which were built as early as the 15th century. It is also common to find medical tourists getting bariatric procedures like lap band, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico.

puerto-vallarta-mexicoThere are many benefits that tourists can find in visiting Mexican hospitals for various medical and dental procedures. The best reasons must surely be the ability to get excellent results from surgeries for half of what it usually costs in the US and Canada. Many mothers also travel to Mexico to get mommy makeover surgery for lower prices. It can be hard getting quality work for affordable prices, as one aspect is expected to be sacrificed for the other.

Puerto Vallarta is a perfect example of a destination that can combine excellent medical care and a dream holiday. Getting cosmetic surgery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a medical trip worth taking, as it effectively combines quality healthcare for low prices while giving patients a beautiful holiday backdrop with amazing sights and friendly people.

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