Mommy Makeover in Ciudad Juarez – Mexico

Women who desire tighter tummies and slimmer hips after childbirth could benefit greatly from a mommy makeover in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Cosmetic surgery in Mexico is available at a much lower price than in the United States and Canada. Plastic surgery after childbirth in Ciudad Juarez is especially popular in the Southwestern states, as the short distance between Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, Texas allows medical tourists to save considerably on travel costs, in addition to the expenses related to the plastic surgery.

With the low surgery prices, modern medical facilities, and highly experienced plastic surgeons, it is no wonder that mommy makeover surgery in Ciudad Juarez is such a hit with medical tourists.

What is Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Here is a quick run-down for those considering reconstructive surgery after childbirth in Ciudad Juarez:

  • Mommy makeover surgery involves undergoing combined cosmetic procedures to tighten the body after childbirth. Cosmetic procedures that women get post pregnancy include body contouring, liposuction, tummy tucks, and breast lifts.
  • Sagging breasts and tummies after childbirth can lower a woman’s self-esteem. A mommy makeover surgery is a good way for women to restore their confidence and wellbeing after pregnancy.
  • Undergoing combined plastic surgeries has been found to produce the best results. According to a press release by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, dated 29 March, 2012, patients who underwent combined cosmetic surgery procedures (liposuction and abdominoplasty) felt more satisfied than patients who underwent liposuction or abdominoplasty alone.

Mommy Makeover Price in Ciudad Juarez – Mexico

  • The mommy makeover cost in Ciudad Juarez is a fraction of what the whole shebang would cost in the US and Canada. This is because the cost of living in Ciudad Juarez is lower than in the USA.
  • With all the money that you save on your post pregnancy plastic surgery in Ciudad Juarez, you may opt for adjunct procedures such as a facelift or nose surgery in Mexico.
  • Even after you add the cost of food and lodging to the expenses related to your tummy tucks, stretch mark removal, breast lift and/or liposuction in Mexico, you will still be able to save considerably rather than having a makeover in your home country.
  • You can eat out at authentic Mexican restaurants and travel around the city without worrying about breaking the bank.
  • Ciudad Juarez’s close proximity to the United States border means that you can save even further on travel costs.

What are the Benefits of Mommy Makeover in Ciudad Juarez?

There are numerous upsides to getting mommy makeover surgery in Mexico, and in Ciudad Juarez in particular.

  • Despite the easy-on-the-pocket cost of plastic surgery after childbirth in Mexico, one gets high quality treatment comparable to that found in the developed countries of the West.
  • There are a number of state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics in Ciudad Juarez equipped with the latest technology. Mexico is home to many JCI-accredited and ISO-certified hospitals.
  • Many plastic surgeons in Mexico receive medical training in the United States. They are familiar with the high standards expected of American healthcare system and endeavor to match up and supersede the expectations of their clients from across the border.
  • Majority of the doctors and staff in the leading Ciudad Juarez hospitals speak fluent English and Spanish, successfully keeping communication open for overseas patients.
  • Before your plastic surgery after pregnancy in Ciudad Juarez, you can indulge in some sightseeing. The Museum INBA and Misión de Guadalupe rank top among some of the must-sees of Ciudad Juarez.

Traveling to Ciudad Juarez  – Handy Tips

  • El Paso is a major border crossing point to Ciudad Juarez. The travel distance between the two is 10 miles.
  • The El Paso-Ciudad Juarez border crossing wait time typically ranges from 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to cross on weekday mornings.
  • The best time to travel for mommy makeover surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is February-April and October and November. These are the months in which temperatures in Ciudad Juarez are the most moderate.
  • United States citizens should bring a passport when traveling to Ciudad Juarez.
  • Some handy Spanish phrases to know when you are in Ciudad Juarez include:
    • ¡Hola! (Hello)
    • ¿Cómo se dice … en español? (How do you say … in Spanish?)
    • ¿Dónde está el baño? (Where is the bathroom?)
    • ¿Cuánto cuesta esto? (How much does this cost?)

For mothers who are looking to bounce back from pregnancy without spending a fortune, a mommy makeover in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is a low cost alternative. Medical tourists will enjoy the sunny climate of Ciudad Juarez in addition to its many qualified plastic surgeons, modern medical facilities, and inexpensive cosmetic procedures.

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